My Abel Story By Darlene Parnell-Covin

I’ve been with Abel Personnel since 2009. I have an established new family with Abel Personnel. The staff is professional and understanding. Mrs. Davis is an awesome person. She has been here for the entire length of my time with Abel, and I hope to continue with her as my recruiter.

I am extremely thankful for the understanding that Abel showed me in 2013 with the passing of my parent and for the great fun we continue to experience during the Christmas parties provided by Abel. I have also been able to work at different sites through Abel, thus obtaining knowledge from the different companies.

I would recommend Abel Personnel as it allows you to find out where you fit within a company.
Abel has made a difference in my life and I’m hoping to continue as an employee them. It is an outstanding agency to be a part of.


Darlene Parnell-Covin


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