Temporary Staffing

  • Temps — Short term; long term; seasonal; or sporadic. Our temps can help you fill your company needs whatever the duration.
  • Leasing/contracting — Top-notch professionals you can use for a specific length of time or for a specified project. Temporary workers provide greater flexibility and do not affect staff headcount.
  • Payroll services — You can add employees to your workforce without adding them to your payroll.
  • Temp-to-Perm — You can evaluate potential employees’ skills and qualifications before making the long-term commitment to hire.

All of these add up to a reputation of customer satisfaction because:

  • Abel Temps placement staff are highly experienced. We know the market; keep track of good candidates; continuously screen, interview in-depth and get to know candidates personally; and respond to the needs of our clients, both employers and employees.
  • Abel Temps temporary workers receive competitive wages and outstanding benefits. Holidays, health insurance, 401K retirement, tuition reimbursement, tenure-loyalty, referral bonuses, etc. And our people are covered by federal and state mandated benefits, including social security and worker’s and unemployment compensation. Some have been with Abel Temps and the same clients for more than 15 years.
  • Abel Temps fees are competitive. There is a standard mark-up for short-term, sporadic assignment, but long-term and volume clients receive special discounted pricing. Temporary staff who work a minimum number of hours may become your permanent employees without a fee.
  • Abel Temps takes the employer’s risks.If an employee is not meeting your expectations, simply advise us and we will take care of everything. Abel is the employer and is responsible for unemployment, worker’s compensation and human relations concerns.
  • Abel Temps has a special payroll service.Some clients who do their own recruiting have us function as their payroll service, including the responsibility for unemployment and worker’s compensation. We do the bookkeeping, issue the checks and process the government paperwork for one employee or your entire staff. Meanwhile, your company reserves the right to select, train and supervise the employees.
Online Staffing Request Form

Note: We respond to online requests usually within 1 business day.

If your staffing need is immediate, please contact us by phone!

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