My Abel Story By John D’Arcangelo

Although I’m technically retired, I found after moving to Camp Hill last year from NYC, I needed more income. I went to Abel, told them what I was looking for, (something that helps people) and here I am at PACE, helping elderly people with limited incomes to get their prescriptions. Just exactly what I was looking for.

Prior to getting this assignment, I called Abel frequently being a general nuisance, following some advice I got when I was young, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. I think I squeaked a lot. (Maybe too much). Ask Barb.

I do love this assignment, and have been extended here several time.
I have perfect attendance since I began, and hope they will hire me.
This income and the nature of the position has had a profound impact on my life.
I leave this office at the end of the day happy that I actually made a positive difference in someone’s life.

I would definitely recommend ABEL. They found me just what I was looking for, and Barb is always checking in to make sure things are going well.


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