Employer FAQ’s

Abel Personnel, is a staffing and recruiting service that companies use to simplify the hiring process. Companies spend many hours writing job descriptions, posting job ads, reviewing candidate resumes (many of whom aren’t even a close fit for your job), and interviewing candidates who are a waste of time. Your Abel Recruiter can help you skip the preliminary work and expense. You can take care of your business, while Abel’s recruiter is working on your behalf; You only review candidates that fit your hiring parameters. Your Abel recruiter meets with you to review your company’s hiring needs, understand the essentials of the job description, company benefits, and culture. Your Abel Recruiter saves you time, effort and frustration, presenting you with only appropriate candidates. You make the final selection of a candidate to hire. Only after finding and hiring the right candidate is there a fee.

Abel Personnel will take a lot off of the hiring manager’s plate so that they only spend time on applicants that are a fit for the position. Often, hiring managers are bogged down with too many resumes of unqualified candidates. Your Abel recruiter will spend the time sorting through the unwanted candidates and only presenting the gold stars.

Yes. Our cost to you will be outlined in an agreement which will be provided to you as we begin working together. Your firm will be aware of the direct hire fee or the pay and bill rate for staffing. The recruiter working with you will provide the information. You can also schedule a meeting with our Business Development Specialist or our Director of Recruitment and Business Development who will provide more specifics related to your business needs.

No. Abel Personnel provides direct-hires (permanent placement), contract placement (indefinite staffing), as well as temp-to-hire and short-term staffing. The type of hire depends on your company needs.

Yes! Meeting your company’s needs are the goals of your Abel recruiter. Your hiring team will decide which candidates make the final cut and your Abel recruiter is your trusted source for those candidates. Your feedback, as you review resumes and interview candidates, is what determines who your company ultimately hires. Temporary hires, direct hires, and permanent transitions are all agreed upon by Abel and the client.

Yes, how many candidates you hire and what status you hire them under are all your choice; your Abel recruiter will work with you to understand all of your hiring needs, even if they change over time.

The cost of posting positions to online job boards and the time involved in reviewing the resumes, reaching out to schedule phone screens, and interviews can be exorbitant. Let your Abel Personnel Recruiter handle all of that for you. We are paid when you identify and start a candidate that your Abel Recruiter has presented. Working with Abel Personnel saves you time and money.

Abel Personnel offers a guarantee on all direct (permanent) placements. If the employee working at your site is not working, we’ll recruit a replacement at no additional cost to you.

Depending on the type of position you need to fill and the status of our candidate pool, the length of time between your first call to Abel Personnel and first day the employee is working can vary greatly. The intentional process of recruiting, screening, and interviewing results in the placement of only qualified and motivated candidates.

a. Temp to Hire placements are billed on an hourly basis as the employee works for you but is employed by Abel. The mark-up on temporary and temp-to-hire workers includes payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, liability insurance, employee benefits, payroll services, and all human resource services. We don’t stop working for you after temporary employees are placed!

b. The one-time fee for direct hire placement covers the expenses associated with sourcing, recruiting, interviewing and onboarding professional level candidates. Client companies are only charged if a candidate is placed, and different guarantee options are available.