Abel Story – Bev Magdule

Abel Story – Bev Magdule

I’ve known Debbie and Josh for a long time probably like 40 years but I was connected with Abel since 2005. I had retired from a 20-year career job. I was off for the summer and I got a phone call from Abel by Barbara isaacman. I thought I was literally doing a favor and filling in for a six-week maternity leave position and unexpectedly it turned into another career, I told her I really wasn’t interested, and she said would you please help me out just go in and interview for the job. They’re really kind of desperate. They need somebody and I think when you get in there may be the job will be bigger than they’re telling me so I said okay I’ll help you out.

I went in had my interview was in the car going home when they called me and said can you come back tomorrow and I started my 6-week job once. I got in there they were like oh you could do this for us and that and I ended up being the controller of the company and so it was sort of an ongoing joke for all those years every time I would see Barbara or Deb we would just joke about that little job that little six-week job I would never have gone for that job had it not been for Barbara isaacman.

Abel Story – Shamona Baylor

I used Abel a long time ago like 2004 at the 9-month temp assignment. I stayed like nine months for a job and I’ve got something else to move out of state and came back and then I applied to 2012 for Abel. I got placed at a position to where I’m at now.

I work for Magellan health systems and worked my way up and now I’m the client for agents lobbies provisory there so I used Abel for staffing other people who are staff now who are from evil once they come in there and do a good job there’s room for advancement so a lot of them came out of Abel and moved over to the company as well every time someone I know that needs a job I always recommend them saving I say give barb call accuse near the reference several times I’ve got.

Abel Story – Dr David Bronstein

I had a medical practice and we use Abel for getting help for us. They were very efficient. They paid attention to details. They had a stable of good people and we hired a lot of them we worked with Frank cable and Dottie Abel and then Debbie and Barbara isaacman and then Barbara car.

We had a nice personal relationship it was great all the way around. I would recommend Abel and have recommended Abel every opportunity I could get.

Abel Story – Susan Delgado

I’ve met able personnel through pH FA. There is our staffing provider for our agency. I currently have been working a lot with larb car for the last couple of years and she’s fantastic. She knows our culture.

They all do and the staff very well for us there are the ones that I can contact immediately. Let them know our needs and they can jump on the job pretty quickly and get everything filled and they’re awesome.

The one thing about Abel is that they take their time to know the candidate. They really know what their interests are and they really try to fulfill their needs and meet their needs with the company as well I’ve learned that because they work with us. They know our culture so they tend to really match our employees so they’re not overturning very quickly. The staff that we’ve had from them have been there for years they are always pleasant to work with. They’re always number one to reach all the time for us. They’re just an awesome company and very family-friendly and I think that’s what really hits our culture in our job.

Abel Story – Conrad Siegel

It all started in 1959 when I came to Harrisburg and frank gable happened to be working at Harrisburg. Rosary company and I were working for an actuarial firm and I stopped in to talk to the bosses there and I saw some nice young fellow there and I talked to him and that happened to be franklin Abel.

We got together over the years playing bridge playing other games going out with a family and I was also growing my own firm from a one-person employee until that’s grown to a pretty big size. We have 20 partners and 115 employees in actuarial consulting and investment consulting. We use franklin’s firm to hire secretaries one of whom was one of the Isaac and girls. She turned out to be a 20-year employee of ours and it turned out that my son married one of the cousins of the Isaac men, so we’re all connected in all these things.

Debbie is doing a phenomenal job. We continue to get our employees from her. We continue to be of any assistance and we got into the investment management business and we’ve been investing money for franklin and the family. Over the years so it’s been a wonderful connection in so many ways.

Abel Story – Cindy Isaacman

I worked with Barbara Isaacman and also Barbara car My mother-in-law was a wonderful person. She just passed away last year. She placed me in continental Cooperative services and I was there for five years until my department was disbanded and moved to Illinois. Then she found a position for me with Hersh in hospitality and I’ve been there for 13 years almost.

She was always very interested in making sure that the placement was good for me and for the employer able always treated me very well very professionally. They did different testing met with me, at different times to talk about my goals and my interests, and put me in the positions that were really suited to me.

Abel Story – Sonia Brown

I needed a job and I was just praying that something would happen soon. On the way back from an interview I saw the sign for able personnel so I asked my friend. I didn’t have a car at that time. Let’s you know go over there and we went in there everybody was very nice.

They had me fill out an application and then I went about my business. The next day I got a phone call from Abel saying that they needed somebody at silver Academy school and I said I’m interested. I went on the interview. I was hired as a full charge bookkeeper after the business manager had left, so I took on her responsibilities. I was hired as a temp, so temp to perm they kind of care about what your needs are, what you’re looking for.

I had temp agencies that put me in places that weren’t a fit for me and I was unhappy and I would tell them to listen this is not right for me or it’s too far for me. I guess sometimes it’s all about the money what they’re getting paid for not what you need, so anytime I needed a job I come to Abel.