Zero $, we never charge applicants or employees a fee for our services.

No, although we do fill some short-term roles, Abel offers Direct Hire (permanent placement), Contract (long term), Temp to Hire, and Temporary placement. Our client companies’ needs vary as do the needs of our candidates. We work with both parties to achieve the most favorable outcome.

We specialize in Accounting, Administrative, Analysts, Clerical, Customer Service, IT, Legal, and other professional positions that may require certifications or higher education. We do not, however, specialize in warehouse work or skilled manual labor.

Yes, there are benefits with our jobs. The benefits may vary depending on the assignment duration. All positions are offered paid holidays after 90 days, life insurance, and health, dental and vision insurance is offered to all positions.

All new candidates applying through Abel Personnel should submit their resume and application on our website by clicking on “Apply Now” from our Home Page. Once we receive your resume, an Abel recruiter will reach out to you to meet with you to understand you, your goals, and career trajectory. You may then be required to attend additional interviews and submit paperwork for verifying your identity, background checks, and/or drug testing. Your recruiter will keep you updated on the hiring process and guide you along the way. If you have applied through Abel Personnel before, simply log into our portal and send your recruiter a message or call our office today!

After you are offered the job, the onboarding process typically involves collecting your forms of identification as well as completing a background and drug screening. These processes may vary from job to job.

Yes, although many of our jobs do not require degrees, we also hire individuals experienced in accounting, health careers, IT, and even architecture, which can require various forms of degrees or certifications.

Absolutely! Veterans have many skills that are transferrable to the general workforce. Many veterans still hold security clearances that make their skills ideal in Information Technology jobs and more! Your Abel Recruiter will help you market your skills during your transition.

Your Abel Recruiter will spend time with you to understand your background, experience, and goals. The more we know, the more we can advocate for you and guide you to success!

Yes! We are offering new jobs all the time and update our job board regularly. We are always looking for talented candidates so it would be best to contact us early and provide us with your resume. When a job comes up that meets your experience and career goals, we’ll give you a call!

Your Abel recruiter wants to make sure your new job is a great fit for both you and the client that hired you. If you feel your placement isn’t a good fit, please reach out to your Abel recruiter to discuss your concerns. Sometimes your Abel recruiter can help with tough conversations or clear up something that wasn’t clear before. In the event that you wish to leave your role, it’s best to let your Abel recruiter know as soon as possible so that they can help you make a professional transition that opens up more opportunities.

No, you are not guaranteed a job but we will do everything we can to find you a match within our available jobs. However, if there isn’t a good match for you, your Abel recruiter will let you know if there isn’t anything available that fits your needs at the moment. We can always give you a call when a new role comes up!

Not at all! Of course, your Abel recruiter would love to place you in one of our available jobs, but if you happen to accept a position elsewhere, please let your Abel Recruiter know. We will always keep you in our database if you wish to return. It’s always a good idea to keep a positive relationship with your recruiter, even if you aren’t hired through us.