One of Chinesa’s duties at Abel Personnel is to handle phone calls and voicemail messages from those notifying Abel that they will not be in attendance at their assigned company that day. Some of those calling off are short-term temps, while others have long-term assignments, some lasting several years. As Abel Personnel employees, they […]

Four-day Workweek Survey

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A staffing recruiter with nearly 20 years of experience and based on the West Coast was recently in town for a family event. She took time away from this first family gathering in over two years for lunch with a colleague who is a recruiter at Abel Personnel. The two women had met at an […]

Job Searching? AbelYou can help!

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In reviewing position requirements for an administrative manager opening with the Abel Personnel recruiter, Meredith unexpectedly hesitated when asked, “Assuming this is a five day a week position?” Her response finally came, “Funny you should ask that.” Meredith then explained that her 100+ person company was reconsidering its entire workplace structure as a lessons-learned deep […]


I loved my job every day. Looking back on a 34 year career working at Three Mile Island, Cyndee adds, “Maybe every now and then I didn’t like it much. And I have Abel Personnel to thank for changing my life!” Cyndee’s life after high school was somewhat typical of that era of the 1970s. […]


Danielle, Jessica, Alice, and Trudy had met in an evening MBA program in the early 2000’s. While representing a ten-year spread in their ages, they were all at about the same stage of their careers, and immediately clicked at program orientation. This led to forming a study group, cheerleading each other through the program, and […]


Staffing Agency in Harrisburg Permanent Staffing in Harrisburg, PA Job Seekers in Harrisburg PA Teacher Staffing Agency Finding a job in Harrisburg PA Job Vacancies in Harrisburg


The staffing recruiter watched as her audience entered the lecture hall and found seats. She was assured by the college placement director that she would have a full house, as attendance was mandatory. The recruiter was reminded a bit about her own college experience, as she watched each student enter and guessed which students would […]


My name is Sherry, and I wanted to share my story of working with Abel Personnel. This is not at all to brag about my success but to possibly help other middle-aged job seekers and professionals overcome career obstacles that are very real for us. Last year I was at a stagnant place in my […]

Abel Personnel Does Tech

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The conversations at the gatherings I’ve attended lately inevitably turn to how business is faring for each of us. Many of the questions I receive about the staffing business are about supply (available qualified candidates who aren’t satisfied to be on unemployment) and demand (job orders with reasonable compensation expectations). Some inquiries are focused on […]

Job Seeker Conversation

Staffing Agency in Harrisburg Permanent Staffing in Harrisburg, PA Job Seekers in Harrisburg PA Teacher Staffing Agency Finding a job in Harrisburg PA Job Vacancies in Harrisburg


The recruiter receiving the call on Friday afternoon was immediately pleased that there was a potential new client on the line. This response quickly reached elation when she asked, “How did you hear about Abel Personnel?” and was told that this professional associations’ human resources manager, Beverly, had checked with a few of her colleagues […]

Why Abel?

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Among the many inquiries that Ruth received on a posting for an administrative assistant was the resume with an upbeat cover letter from an applicant named Nina. Nina interviewed well with Ruth, although her score on the typing assessment was subpar. Keyboarding skills were among the requirements for the position, but it had been unclear […]

5 Reasons to Advance Your Career through Abel Personnel

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“We have a methodical method for hiring to be sure we only onboard the right people.” This was how my new client, Chloe, introduced her company’s approach to recruiting. I listened intently as she went on to review a list of about a dozen attributes they were seeking for the supervisory opening for which they […]


The job order was for a website application developer with Angular 10 experience. When Brittany, the IT position recruiting specialist at Abel Personnel, accepted the assignment from a three-years-in local company, she knew this would not be easy. For Edward, her HR contact at the company, this was just another position for which past experience […]

Irene Partenheimer Celebrate 10 Years at Abel Personnel

Staffing Agency in Harrisburg Permanent Staffing in Harrisburg, PA Job Seekers in Harrisburg PA Teacher Staffing Agency Finding a job in Harrisburg PA Job Vacancies in Harrisburg

5 Steps to a New Job Through Abel Personnel

Staffing Agency in Harrisburg Permanent Staffing in Harrisburg, PA Job Seekers in Harrisburg PA Teacher Staffing Agency Finding a job in Harrisburg PA Job Vacancies in Harrisburg


With no clear career direction, Ashley was fortunate that she had family support that would allow her to try on different jobs and travel internationally after graduating college. Multiyear assignments in customer service best supported this lifestyle, ultimately leading to supervisory positions. When Ashley was ready for more than an evenings-and-weekends-free lifestyle, she began to […]

Hannah’s Story

Hannah had done almost everything right for a successful transition from college to the workforce. Months before earning her business degree, she began applying for entry-level positions in HR. This effort provided two surprises about the “real world:” Many of the “entry-level” positions required 3 – 5 years of experience, and several companies and their […]


I make a point of visiting with my largest clients at least once a quarter. Before the pandemic, these were face-to-face meetings typically over coffee, sometimes an appointment scheduled a few weeks in advance, sometimes an unscheduled drop-by, depending on the preference and availability of my counterpart. For the past two years, these have been […]


Over the years that I’ve worked with our company’s recruiter at Abel Personnel, there were a handful of times that she reminded me, “Some people have unexciting resumés and are great potential employees; others have amazing resumés without the performance to back it up.” Perhaps a version of “don’t judge a book by its cover,” […]


A reach out last month from Samantha was a jolting reminder that I had not connected with her since the pandemic began. “Sam” was one of my first applicants when I became a staff recruiter at Abel Personnel, both of us about five years since college graduation. I’ve placed her three times over the years […]


While some local businesses had record revenues in 2021 despite (or due to) the pandemic, others had to shed staff owing to the drop in demand or patronage for goods or services. The client whose human resource manager, Kathy, contacted us just after the New Year reported that they were able to break even and […]


One of our client companies recently approached Abel Personnel for input on the subject of Paid Time Off (PTO). This topic just came up at a senior staff meeting when the discussion turned to how to revise their benefits package to retain existing employees, as well as attract high talent. Some managers had noted that […]

‘Tis The Season For Gingerbread Houses!

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Judith has been an ally for over a decade, ever since I placed her at the company where she’s since risen to the position of human resources manager. While I am pretty sure mine is the only company she contacts when she has an opening to fill, just as often she will be in touch to […]


Marianne appeared visibly unsure of herself at the start of our Zoom call. A mutual friend had connected us, as so often happens in my long time in the staffing business. From her LinkedIn page, I knew she had excellent educational credentials as well as broad and challenging work experience, hard-charging, and now mid-career and […]


Both Abel Personnel’s clients and applicants confide to us that the job interview can be one of the most stressful parts of the job placement process. Hiring supervisors need to quickly confirm facts, gain an overall impression, give an even better impression, and try not to run afoul of any discrimination laws. The applicants want […]


Working from home during the pandemic, or being unemployed at home, offers individuals more time to reflect on their life during moments of less activity during the day and evenings. Usually, downtimes offer opportunities for unscheduled socializing or errands. These unusual pauses now can result in a chance for deeper thought on how their work-life […]

Career Reset In 3 Steps

A recent survey indicated that 48% of American workers said that the pandemic has made them rethink the type of job and career they want in the future, and 53% of American workers said they would retrain for a career in a different field or industry if they had the opportunity. When asked to list […]

Deborah and Joyce Celebrate 10 Years at Abel Personnel

Deborah Robinson (left) and Joyce Simms (right) of Abel Personnel DEBORAH ROBINSON Deborah Robinson submitted an application with Abel Personnel in the summer of 2011. She had recently relocated to the Harrisburg area after holding key positions at Indiana University and at the New York City Health Department, which included Interim Director of Recruitment and […]


In September, Abel Personnel commented on the scope as well as the opportunities of the Great Resignation, the unprecedented drop in the US workforce from April to August 2021.  Updated numbers for the phenomenon indicate: 20 million U.S. workers left their jobs between April and August this year, according to the latest federal BLS data. That’s […]


Since Pennsylvania’s legalization in 2016, over 633,000 patients and caregivers have signed up for purchase of medical marijuana through a doctor’s prescription. Some significant percentage of those patients are part of the active workforce right now. There may be some program participants at your workplace or among the applicants for open positions. How you maneuver […]


In an early September article, Abel Personnel asked Will Job Seekers Return in Droves Soon? This question was of course referring to the federal payments of an additional $300/week of unemployment compensation that were set to expire the week of September 6. Many pundits had posited that these federal subsidies had the effect of making […]

Interview Preparation: Soft Skills & Behavioral Interview Questions

Through our Abel Personnel blogs, we’ve recommended how to construct your resume and explained how your resume leads to your interview; however, it’s the interview that results in the job offer. We also provided some initial insights on how to prepare for the interview. Digging deeper, let’s address behavioral interview questions and how you can […]


Perhaps you’ve had this experience:  you had an interview, you felt it went great, and then you were completely mystified when you weren’t selected for the position.  What you might have missed is an understanding of what hiring managers are looking for in the selection process.  There are several steps involved in the preparation process, […]


ALWAYS REMEMBER: The primary purpose of a successful resume is to win an interview. Melissa Davis is the Information Technology Recruiter at Abel Personnel, as well as a successful Certified Professional Resume Writer. From her experience, it is important that you know exactly what a company is looking for. Put yourself in the employers’ shoes […]


You areconsidering applying for a job through one of the online job sites, and realize the posting is from Abel Personnel, a staffing firm. You hesitate, unsure of how Abel Personnel (and other staffing firms) can support your job search, and perhaps whether to consider a temp job. Below are the answers to many of […]


At Abel Personnel, we’re accustomed to the unhappy tales of valued employees suddenly submitting a letter of resignation without any prior indication of dissatisfaction or interest in moving on. Replacing such employees can be an arduous, time consuming and costly task, beyond the process of posting the job, receiving resumes, arranging interviews, checking references and […]


Your applicant (of course placed through Abel Personnel) has accepted your offer. You are both pleased and relieved. Your applicant hopefully is as ecstatic as those football players when their names are announced at the NFL Draft on TV. After all that effort, you want to make sure that your new hire first shows up […]


In 2019, Texas A&M’s Anthony Klotz foresaw a “Great Resignation,” a significant number of US workers voluntarily quitting their jobs. A recent article in Inc. Magazine by Phillip Kane asserts that this prediction has come to pass in 2021, by presenting the following statistics: Some of the elements that our client has included that may […]


“Can I ask the candidate about vaccination status, or does that violate HIPAA?” Many of Abel Personnel’s clients are expressing considerable confusion and frustration over what they can ask job candidates (as well as their employees) about their COVID-19 vaccination status. Those applicants who are questioned (whether “pro-” and “anti-vax”) may respond, “you can’t ask […]

Will job seekers return in droves soon?

Federal Unemployment payments of an additional $300/week of unemployment compensation are set to expire the week of September 6. Currently there is no expectation that this federally-funded benefit will be extended. There is speculation that this benefit resulted in a significant number of potential job applicants choosing to stay on unemployment as a more financially […]

Can It Be: The Vaccinated-only Workplace?

Recently private and public employers announced they are requiring that all onsite employees be vaccinated.  Well-known companies such as Disney, Walmart, Google, Facebook and Tyson Foods have mandated that all or some of their employees adhere to this requirement (the largest exceptions being retail locations or conditions of union agreements).  In the public sphere, certain […]

Melissa Davis

Abel Personnel is pleased to announce the expansion of our recruiting services with the addition of Melissa Davis, an experienced IT Recruiter. Melissa has over 20 years of experience, including 15 years in management and 5 years in placement in the IT field. This background benefits our clients in two ways: First, you will be […]

For Our Children’s Sake

It’s hard to believe it is August, and schools will be opening in a matter of weeks (if not days). With children returning to classrooms, the COVID virus and its Delta variant have new opportunities to spread. Each of us can help slow the spread of COVID and the hospitalizations and deaths it brings. If […]

Abel Story – Bev Magdule

Abel Story – Shamona Baylor

Abel Story – Dr David Bronstein

Abel Story – Susan Delgado

Abel Story – Conrad Siegel

Abel Story – Cindy Isaacman

Abel Story – Sonia Brown

We are working from home

We’re meeting virtually every day to discuss how we can help our employees and clients during this difficult time. We are answering telephones, emails, and text messages to help ensure customer satisfaction. Abel Personnel is here for you!

My Abel Story – Terra Fasarakis

When the company I was working for closed their doors, Abel opened theirs to us. Ruth and Ravin were very nice and professional when they came to our company to explain the changes. The best changes were the pay increase and paid holidays. I am now working on a long term assignment for Abel. The […]

My Abel Story – Imani West

I was working on assignment with Assurance Staffing Agency and when they closed their employees were transferred over to Abel Personnel. Abel was welcoming and the transition was very smooth! Ruth and Ravin were awesome, so helpful and kind! During my first Christmas with Abel, they gave me a gift card! That made me feel […]

My Abel Story – Darcel Jackson

I was working with Assurance Staffing when they went out of business and transferred their employees to Abel Personnel. Abel treated me with respect and I felt I had joined a new family. Ruth was very pleasant, polite and helpful. She made a huge difference for me. At Christmas I was pleasantly surprised to receive […]

My Abel Story – Maggie Martinez

I first made contact with Abel by phone from California! I was moving to PA and needed to line up new employment. I first spoke to Ruth and scheduled an interview for the day I arrived in town. Ruth was supportive and helpful from day one. I was able to get all the paperwork done […]

My Abel Story – Robert Forbes

On my first day of substitute teaching, two students sat beside me to explain how the classroom worked. They made coffee for me. When they said it was time for the class to visit another teacher’s room, I led the kids there. I was thrilled. My fate was in the hands of two fifth-graders, and […]

My Abel Story – Lateta Thompson

I have had nothing but a good experience working with Abel. I should have gone to Abel a long time ago. I appreciate that they gave me a chance. Looking forward to growing with them! Thank you for the opportunity. Staffing Agency in Pennsylvania Permanent Staffing in Harrisburg, PA Job Seekers in Harrisburg PA Employment […]

My Abel Story – Brock Koch

I am a central Pennsylvania native who first approached a local staffing firm for help job hunting, but they weren’t getting me in anything that really stuck or anything that fit. Because nothing seemed right, I thought I would give Abel Personnel a try. There, I worked with Barb and noticed the difference immediately. Barb […]

My Abel Story – Anonymous

After being a stay at home Mom for many years, I was interested in getting back into the job market. I was referred to Abel for my job search. I met with Pat Davis, and was placed with a client who offered me a full-time position. I have been with them for over 6 years […]

My Abel Story – Linda Freedenberg

I didn’t go through the interview process as Deb Abel knew me personally and my previous work. I was grateful that she thought of me to forward my name to her client. After speaking to Deb about the process and then going to the interview with the current president, and the upcoming president, of the […]

My Abel Story – Wendy Speck

I was a full-time mom of 5 who had, “done the books,” for my husband’s construction business for 15 years. I was looking for a job for the first time in a long time and responded to an ad in the paper for an Administrative Assistant. This took me to Abel Personnel. I did not […]

My Abel Story – Crisilla Manfred

I started working with Abel in 2016. I remember Pat calling me about a possible job assignment. She was very thorough, and her up-beat personality was what made me wait to do a one-on-one interview. Best decision I made! I’ve been with Abel for 3 years now. The Christmas Parties are great! Good food and […]

My Abel Story – Pat Swingle

My story involves FANTASTIC recruiter, Marion. This beautiful woman made me feel confident after my years of truly feeling, and living as a “displaced worker”. This recruiter needs to be acknowledged. I never believed in temporary employment agencies before. However, I have already referred several of my friends and they are receiving the same wonderful […]

My Abel Story – Shamona Baylor

In 2012 I was working in a temporary post for a behavioral health agency. The work was fine, but I wanted a job with stability, which would give me the confidence and the space to grow. I had submitted a resume to Abel Personnel, in case anything turned up that would suit my background in […]

My Abel Story – Susan Young

Before my employment began with ABEL, I worked with numerous large companies that offered great pay and benefits, but that was never enough to sustain me, nor make me a happy employee. I knew what I wanted from a company but was unsure that it was possible or even within reason of ever happening, until […]

My Abel Story – Sonalie Jones

My Story is one of Gratitude. I was out of work a few months due to the company downsizing. I took a customer service job that I didn’t like, only because the bills needed to be paid. The pay wasn’t good, so I also had to get a job in the evenings. About four months […]

My Abel Story – by Cindy Isaacman

In 2001 Barbara I. helped place me in a position where I progressed from front desk receptionist to executive assistant for one of the VPs. There I was lucky to have the best boss I’ve ever had! Unfortunately, he moved away and our department folded. Abel to the rescue! Barbara I. had retired, but she […]

My Abel Story – Keysha Riddick

I have had a great experience from the very beginning working with Abel. In 2017 I was looking for immediate work as a prior assignment was coming to an end. A friend of mine told me where she was working, and that they were looking to hire some representatives. I put in my application at […]

My Abel Story – Angela Beaverson

I applied to Abel Personnel not knowing what I wanted to do with the next step in my life. I was called to come in and meet with Ruth. I had taken a series of tests & then went over the results with her. She said she had the perfect job for me and she […]

My Abel Story by Christine Radell

My Abel story began in October of 2018 with an interview, which initially proved easier said than done! My crazy schedule at the time complicated things immensely. Despite that, Chinesa Rahman and Stephen McDaniel went out of their way to accommodate me for an interview. For that, I was extremely grateful! When I arrived for […]

My Abel Story by DS

Just a little bit about me, I am a mother and a wife, and I came from abroad to the United States to have the American dream. It was hard for me, dealing with some health problems and a special needs son. I quit school and work to stay home to help my son and […]

My Abel Story By Lachelle Dent

I began working for Abel in 1996, and I was placed at PHEAA. I previously worked for Abel from 1996-2001. I was rehired for another placement at Magellan in 2015 in which I am still currently employed by Abel. I love where I am placed and the team that I work for and with. Through […]

My Abel Story By Nicole Graby-Cole

My journey with Abel began in early March of 2017. The interviewing processing was a good and interesting one as I also had to go through the assessment for job placement. I was treated very fairly. Hakim and Pat really went to bat for me. They both made a lasting impression in my mind; they […]

My Abel Story By Jason Albert

It all began in my old high school library several years ago. I work for A+ Teachers and I met many of the staff including Debby Abel who is the president of the company. I thought that it was fantastic to meet her and the others from the top down. The entire staff were very […]

My Abel Story By Lauren Schultz

I loved working with Abel to find the perfect fit for me. As a transplant from New Jersey, Barb and her team were amazing at ensuring I knew the process, and were fantastic at placing me with my current organization! I remember Barb telling me I would be perfect for a role and she was […]

My Abel Story By Teresa Heller

My story with Abel began while taking my daily routine walk on the school track.  I was joined by a few classes of students along with their teachers, some of whom I taught in my younger years. They questioned my presence there, so I explained my desire to stay young, plus the fact that I […]

My Abel Story By Angela Rodriguez

It all started in the summer of 2016. I walked in to do testing and everyone was very friendly and down to earth. I remember being nervous, but Pat was so nice and forthcoming; it was like talking to an aunt. She knew right away were I would fit in. I’ve been at my assignment […]

My Abel Story By Ardian Demiri

I started in March 2013. Pat was the person who interviewed me. She was really nice and easygoing in explaining the qualifications of the job. She gave a brief description of all of the job duties, making it much easier for me to prepare for my new job. I had multiple medical challenges that I […]

My Abel Story By Jim Beck

My journey with ABEL began at a Job Fair that was being held at the Colonial Park Mall.  I had recently become unemployed due to my previous employer closing the site where I worked.  At the job fair I stopped to speak with Hakim, who was very personable, took the time to listen and was […]

My Abel Story By Kellie Hutchins

During a difficult period in my life I found myself unemployed (December 2017).  After receiving a suggestion from a friend, I was told to see Barb Karr at Abel in Lemoyne.  I had never been to Abel before, and wasn’t from the Harrisburg area, so I had no idea what type of staffing company they […]

My Abel Story By Fabiean Hershey

Where do I begin?  I remember,  I went to the high school and was told to contact Abel Personnel A+ Teachers. I called Abel Personnel to see about working for the Annville Cleona School District as a substitute aide.  Taking me back 34 years,  when I started working as a sub then became full time […]

My Abel Story By Anonymous

In 2010, I experienced one of the most difficult obstacles of my life and Abel gave me a chance. I was 23, pregnant and living in a homeless shelter for women and children. I was attending a day program at EDSI; a place where you can do simple tasks to gain experience, learn how to […]

My Abel Story By Bev Magdule

After completing 20 years in my profession, I took the summer off.  I received a call from Barbara Isaacman, Abel Personnel, asking me to interview for a “temporary 6 week job” that was mostly to handle accounts payable.  After being the controller at my previous employment, I immediately said no.  A month later Barbara called […]

My Abel Story by Matthew Krupp

In the spring of 2002, I interviewed with Abel Personnel for a job in the Loan Asset Management call center at the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.  At that time, there were three employment agencies that staffed the call center, but staff there told me to apply through Abel, because it provided more paid holidays […]

My Abel Story by Tammy Burno

I was in need of employment because the company I worked for nine years downsized.  At the time it was pretty tough because the entire country was going through the same thing.  Many businesses were shutting their doors for good!  This made it more of a challenge because so many others were in my shoes. […]

My Abel Story By Kailash Mathur

The road not taken, or in this case taken.   I was a college student and was bartending in my home town on weekends.   I walked into an Abel office and asked if they could find me a local part time job.  They treated me with respect and said yes. Unusual for an employer treating a […]

My Abel Story By Lois Kramm

Ten years ago, I moved to Central Pennsylvania. Being new to the area I needed a job and choosing Abel Personnel was the first step.  The staff was very friendly and helpful and quick in finding the right position for me. I am still enjoying the same position Abel found for me.   Abel has helped me find a secure […]

My Abel Story By Darlene Parnell-Covin

I’ve been with Abel Personnel since 2009. I have an established new family with Abel Personnel. The staff is professional and understanding. Mrs. Davis is an awesome person. She has been here for the entire length of my time with Abel, and I hope to continue with her as my recruiter. I am extremely thankful […]

My Abel Story By Liz Anthony

I applied for a position through Abel. When I was contacted to come in for an interview, Barbara Karr recommended that I consider a different position. She said it would be a better fit and offered more compensation than the position I applied for. I met Megan when I entered the office and interviewed with […]

My Abel Story By John D’Arcangelo

Although I’m technically retired, I found after moving to Camp Hill last year from NYC, I needed more income. I went to Abel, told them what I was looking for, (something that helps people) and here I am at PACE, helping elderly people with limited incomes to get their prescriptions. Just exactly what I was […]

My Abel Story By David Gratta

I was born and raised in a small town in Connecticut. My entire family lives there. They have always lived there. However, there came a point in my life when I realized that I didn’t want to always live there too. That’s when I decided to set out on a journey to find a new […]

Abel Personnel: 50 years of changing lives

Abel Personnel celebrates 50 years of innovation in staffing Central Pennsylvania businesses and schools in March 2019. A successful second-generation family business, Abel Personnel keeps pace with one of the tightest job markets in memory by providing the top talent clients need. While statistics show that only 30 percent of family businesses survive the transition […]

Veteran Finds Ideal Retirement Job as Substitute Teacher: Making a difference for students by George Hargrove

To the students in the schools where I substitute teach, I am “Sarge.” They call me that because I retired in 2011 as a sergeant first class, after 32 years of military service. One of my learners is a special-needs student who always gives me a salute, which feels great. He asks if I’ll wait […]

The First 7 Seconds

Studies show that, when forming an impression on someone new, a person can make their judgment in as little 7 seconds. Sometimes that’s before you can even get a word out. This means that it’s how you look, the energy you give off, even the way you smell that makes your impression for you. In […]

Attention Recently Graduated Teachers

Have you recently graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education? Are you searching for a position that will offer you a variety of opportunities and allow you to grow as an educator? It’s easy to become overwhelmed when searching for a job in the field of education. Finding a permanent position after graduation […]

Volunteering Can Help you Find a Job

Giving back to the community! Giving back to the community can be a very rewarding experience. Helping others gives one a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. While it is important to consider volunteering no matter where you are in your career, what better time to do so than when you are unemployed. Not only will […]

Happy Medium

Staffing Companies are the “Happy Mediums” Between Employers and Job Seekers Because “traditional” jobs are becoming very limited in the workforce, more employers are utilizing staffing companies to recruit, pre-screen and refer qualified candidates to their companies. “Solopreneurs”, one who usually operates his/her business single-handedly, and do not require office assistants on a daily basis, […]

May Unemployment Stats

US Payroll rises by 280,000 jobs! Unemployment nationally remains unchanged at 5.5%. Wages begin to rise. Staffing Agency in Harrisburg, PA Employers in Harrisburg, PA Permanent Staffing in Harrisburg, PA Temporary Staffing in Lemoyne, PA Job Seeker in Harrisburg, PA New Job in Lemoyne, PA

Job search First Impressions!

Did you know that job seekers actually make a first impression before they schedule a face-to-face interview? To make a good first impression, read these helpful tips. During the job hunt, your resume and cover letter are really your first impression. If you’re applying for a lot of jobs at once, or even just one […]

How Important Is Your Resume?

The first impression a potential employer gets of you is your resume. A resume should contain accurate and complete information about education, work experience, and pertinent skill sets. Gaps in work history should be explained on the resume or in a cover letter. To get your resume onto the “yes” pile, read this article by […]


There is a growing initiative to consider whether to continue to offshore a portion or all of a product or product line or bring it back home to the US – Reshoring. So it seems many manufacturers are coming to understand there are other expenses involved and increasing labor costs in countries previously thought to […]

The Importance of Attendance in Work Ethics

According to the Tennessee Technology Center at Hartsville, attendance is among the 10 employee work ethics most valued by employers. Employees who show up for work on time, more often than not and give proper notice of absences or tardiness are practicing good attendance. Attendance as a work ethic includes sticking to work schedules, being […]