Pennsylvania and Maryland Staffing Locations
PA - Harrisburg: 717-561-2222 & Lemoyne: 717-761-8111 Maryland: 443-842-6966


Employer Testimonials

“Thank you, Marion. Barb is an outstanding employee and her work is impeccable. Abel certainly deserves credit for providing us with such a stellar temp.”

“They send us the people we are looking for, not just a body. Their screening process is a lot better, they send us people that fit the bill. They never waste my time!”
Controller, construction firm Client for over 20 years

“They do their homework. They have integrity! Not only do they actually do what you ask them to do, they go beyond anything you would expect. My wife worked for a competitor, but she sent me to Abel. Will I go there again? In a heartbeat!”
local Telecommunications Firm

“They provide outstanding client service. Prompt… professional… calm… cool… collected… very straightforward and honest… know their applicant and have leads on applicants who won’t respond to your own ads… know what I expect… no problems with the people they send.”
Personnel Manager, Hbg. Office Pittsburgh Law Firm

“I have worked with all divisions of this company, as a permanent candidate, temporary employee, and as an office manager hiring staff. I have worked with them for over 15 years, and they continually have been honest, helpful, and service oriented.”
Office Manager


Job Seeker Testimonials

“Coming into your office is really different. Your office has a warm friendly environment. The staff listens and you are treated like a person, not a number.”
Job seeker

“This company really prepares you. They give you the best preparation for a company and position. No one pressures you or sends you to any position you cannot handle.”
Job Applicant

“They listen to your preferences and take time to pinpoint your interests.”
Recent applicant

“They gave me good advice and increased my self confidence, encouraging me in what I have to offer an employer.”
Job applicant

“It was great meeting you and Megan on Monday and I look forward to hearing from you soon. I met with another agency on Monday and they did not hold a stick to Abel. I appreciated your business savvy, enthusiasm and eagerness to find the right match for me. I look forward to our working relationship.”
Legal Secretary