Pennsylvania and Maryland Staffing Locations
PA - Harrisburg: 717-561-2222 & Lemoyne: 717-761-8111 Maryland: 443-842-6966

Why Choose Abel?

“We treat you, the way we would like to be treated.”
Abel Personnel – How We Help You:

Personal interview – we meet with each person. We take the time to get familiar with your skills, goals, interests & what you have to offer a company. We try to create a match for you with the right company.

  • Skill testing – we can present you to employers at the right skill level for you.
  • Advice on career options and your resume. ( Click here for sample resume )
  • Advice to assist you on interviews.
  • Support/advice to you when you are working.
  • A realistic idea of the job market in your area, including salaries.
  • No blind interviews – we will discuss fully any position that you might be interested in before arranging an interview for you with a company.

Saving you time & energy. You are busy with your job, your family, your education. We help by sending your resume, scheduling interviews, and presenting you to companies, while you are busy with your life.

Confidentiality. We make sure that you have prior approval of resume submission.

  • No resume will be sent to a potential employer without your consent.
  • Beware of blind ads – it could be your own employer. We will know with which companies you would like to interview.

Experience – with over 40 years experience we know the area job market and companies.

  • We market you to employers that are a match for your skills.
  • Some positions are not advertised – we can connect you with potential jobs.
  • Some ads look too good to be true – they probably are! We will know which positions are right for you.


Improve your potential – we offer several services.

  • Free skills training – improve your typing.
  • Free computer tutorials – Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, Excel, Lotus, and Access.
  • Resume evaluation – we will help you make sure your resume presents you in the best way possible. It is often your first impression to an employer. ( Click here for sample resume )


Abel Personnel is committed to and practices the policies
set forth in the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

The friendly staff of Abel Personnel-Lemoyne office.

Abel Personnel received the Governor’s Award. One of only 9 employers across Pennsylvania to be recognized.