My Abel Story – Terra Fasarakis

My Abel Story – Terra Fasarakis

When the company I was working for closed their doors, Abel opened theirs to us. Ruth and Ravin were very nice and professional when they came to our company to explain the changes. The best changes were the pay increase and paid holidays. I am now working on a long term assignment for Abel. The change was a smooth transition into something better than I previously had.

I would have lost my job if Abel hadn’t decided to take on as many employees as they did from the company I worked for. Now, I receive the gift of a bonus at Christmas time. It feels good to be appreciated. Working for Abel has been a great change, and I am thankful that I didn’t have to go looking for another job. I enjoy working for Abel Staffing and I don’t plan on leaving!

My Abel Story – Imani West

I was working on assignment with Assurance Staffing Agency and when they closed their employees were transferred over to Abel Personnel. Abel was welcoming and the transition was very smooth! Ruth and Ravin were awesome, so helpful and kind!

During my first Christmas with Abel, they gave me a gift card! That made me feel needed and appreciated.

Abel has made a positive impact on my life by enabling me to remain employed and support my family.

My Abel Story – Darcel Jackson

I was working with Assurance Staffing when they went out of business and transferred their employees to Abel Personnel. Abel treated me with respect and I felt I had joined a new family.

Ruth was very pleasant, polite and helpful. She made a huge difference for me.

At Christmas I was pleasantly surprised to receive a gift from Abel.

Now I’m working for a great company with great incentives. Abel has great representatives who go above and beyond for their employees.

I am very grateful for Abel Personnel.

My Abel Story – Maggie Martinez

I first made contact with Abel by phone from California! I was moving to PA and needed to line up new employment. I first spoke to Ruth and scheduled an interview for the day I arrived in town. Ruth was supportive and helpful from day one. I was able to get all the paperwork done online even before I arrived. Super helpful!

Upon my arrival I had some problems and missed my appointment with Ruth. I took a temp job from another agency just to keep us going, but once I was able to catch my breath, I gave Ruth a call again. She was super gracious and allowed me another chance to come in and show her what I had to offer. The moment I met with Ruth, I knew I had made the right decision by trying again! Ruth and I clicked right away and a wonderful new partnership began!

After the testing and interviewing, Ruth and I had a long, honest discussion. Long and short of it, I HAD to move closer to Mechanicsburg (I am in Denver, but moving to Mechanicsburg now!) Once I move closer to town, Ruth and I will work together and find the perfect spot for me!

Having the connection with Ruth and the support as well as the wealth of knowledge she provided, I was able to work on what I needed to in order to make this transition easier. Without the meeting with Ruth, my life would be very different right now. She truly helped me to move forward and make some very important decisions.

I have had the best experience at Abel! From the start, I have had nothing but support and guidance that was so very much needed to make a new start here in Pennsylvania! Thank you Abel!!!

My Abel Story – Robert Forbes

On my first day of substitute teaching, two students sat beside me to explain how the classroom worked. They made coffee for me. When they said it was time for the class to visit another teacher’s room, I led the kids there.

I was thrilled. My fate was in the hands of two fifth-graders, and I got the best lesson a fresh, new substitute teacher could learn. As a career military veteran, I trained soldiers who had to listen because I outranked them. Here, I realized, students often are the subject-matter experts for making the day a good one.

It might sound strange that a retired Army sergeant first class, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan with about 135 parachute jumps, has found a place among schoolkids. But my military experience intersects neatly with this new role.

Substitute teaching can suit military veterans for many reasons. The work is flexible; I can accept or decline any jobs offered and its extra income for life’s varied needs.

Most importantly, it’s a chance to stay sharp and play a meaningful role in the lives of kids. It’s another form of service, albeit alongside children as young as first grade or poised to graduate from high school.

I started considering substitute teaching when I was in Germany, staring at retirement after 26 years in the Army. I discovered A+ Teachers online and sent an email. Almost immediately, I was invited to visit as soon as I arrived in Harrisburg. When I brought my family back to the states, A+ drilled me in the basics.

My first assignment was in Harrisburg School District. I was terrified, but the kids were fantastic. Pretty quickly, I developed a routine. When I meet a new class, I invite the students to tell me about themselves, their families, and their aspirations for the future.

The most important thing is getting their respect. If a student is a pickle, I send him or her to the back of the room to “pick cherries” – a technique that worked well in the Army, when I’d order a recalcitrant soldier to pantomime picking cherries for a few minutes. It gets the point across without yelling.

I serve in the Harrisburg and Steelton-Highspire school districts, where many of the kids face multiple challenges at home. They are the students I want to teach. I try to provide a safe place where they can learn and where they know what the rules are.

A lot of my students are thinking about joining the military, and that’s where I feel I’ve had a big impact. This is my chance to put their minds at ease and to set them on a preparatory path. I describe what they can expect – the aptitude tests, the different branches to explore.

The choices they make now could affect their career trajectories for years, so I help them think about the future and how to position themselves for the best possible experience.

As an Army NCO, my job was to get things done. I still have that mindset in the classroom, but now that I’m in the real world, it’s nice to have the support of others, such as staff teachers and administrators. Plus, I absolutely love the folks at A+ Teachers. My A+ supervisor is responsive and supportive, making sure I get the backing I need to do my job.

Substitute teaching is ideal for me, and I definitely plan to continue. It’s a post I recommend for veterans looking to continue their service in a challenging, fun, and fulfilling environment.

My Abel Story – Brock Koch

I am a central Pennsylvania native who first approached a local staffing firm for help job hunting, but they weren’t getting me in anything that really stuck or anything that fit. Because nothing seemed right, I thought I would give Abel Personnel a try. There, I worked with Barb and noticed the difference immediately.

Barb worked wonders for me. She got me into jobs that actually fit what I was doing. If it wasn’t going to fit, she would tell me about it but make it clear that it might not be something I want. Abel let me make the decision, as opposed to the other firm, where they’d say, “Here’s a job, go do it.”

Some jobs were quick fill-ins, but then Abel placed me in the call center of a major regional employer. Dealing with the public is not always the easiest thing, but it’s what I’ve done most of my life; it comes naturally to me.

After that, I worked for a third-party collection agency for five years, rising through the ranks but frustrated by the lack of health benefits, especially with the birth of my son looming. That’s when Barb called out of the blue. “Are you looking for a job?” she asked. To which I said, “I’ve been here five and a half years, but what do you have?”

Abel got me a position with the state agency, where I work today. My new employers accommodat1ed me with some time off when the baby was born. My supervisor even threw a baby shower. Since 2015, I’ve capitalized on opportunities to climb the career ladder. I started in a temporary-to-permanent job and within five weeks, I proved myself and had a permanent job when a colleague left.

I have kept in touch with Barb, out of gratitude for her kindness and thoughtfulness. To anyone struggling to find work, I say that a dedicated agency like Abel offers a helping hand. They know where the jobs are, and at the same time, you don’t have to stop job searching.

I definitely recommend Abel Personnel. The other firm I dealt with wasn’t as personal or outgoing. They just wanted you to fill jobs whether they were right for you or not. Because Abel gets to know clients as well as they do, that can mean a phone call even when you don’t expect it – but just might happen to need it. If you want a job where you can advance, in a field that you’re interested in, Abel is spot on.

My Abel Story – Anonymous

After being a stay at home Mom for many years, I was interested in getting back into the job market. I was referred to Abel for my job search. I met with Pat Davis, and was placed with a client who offered me a full-time position. I have been with them for over 6 years and am very thankful that Abel gave me this opportunity. I encourage anyone who is reentering the workforce to reach out to Abel. Congratulations on 50 years!

My Abel Story – Linda Freedenberg

I didn’t go through the interview process as Deb Abel knew me personally and my previous work. I was grateful that she thought of me to forward my name to her client.

After speaking to Deb about the process and then going to the interview with the current president, and the upcoming president, of the company at which I was applying to, I felt very confident that my job skills would be adequate for the position. I was hired immediately and this position gave me the opportunity to gain more skills, and to meet & work with a wonderful group of businessmen and businesswomen serving as volunteers in the Harrisburg community.

The connections that I was able to make and friendships that we shared through this job are something I cherished throughout my 21 years of employment and now through retirement.

I would absolutely recommend Abel Personnel. Deb Abel has a knack to know her client’s needs, the job/career they are searching, and how to pair the two.

My Abel Story – Wendy Speck

I was a full-time mom of 5 who had, “done the books,” for my husband’s construction business for 15 years. I was looking for a job for the first time in a long time and responded to an ad in the paper for an Administrative Assistant. This took me to Abel Personnel. I did not know what to expect, and I figured I would be doing short-term jobs. I went through the testing, and then had an interview with a very kind lady (later I found out this was the owner – Debby Abel). Before I knew it, I was offered a job as a recruiter at Abel! I was amazed.

Because of the demands of family, children, and aging parents, I have not always been able to work full-time. But over the years Abel has offered me some wonderful positions. I have been a Payroll Manager, Executive Assistant and I am now a part-time Payroll Specialist/Financial Associate. Abel has pretty much taken care of all of my job needs since I have been back in the job market. The jobs have been interesting, stretched me, and given me the experience I can be proud of putting on my resume.

Abel has also given my kids some pretty amazing opportunities. One daughter started at United Way and ended up in a Director position in Kansas – all because Abel gave her a foot in the door.

I have applied at other jobs/agencies, but Abel is always the one who comes through. They really look at your strengths and just get to know you. It is hard to find that kind of personal experience anywhere else.

Thanks for everything – you all are really and truly THE VERY BEST PERSONAL AGENCY EVER!!!