Attention Recently Graduated Teachers

Attention Recently Graduated Teachers

Have you recently graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education? Are you searching for a position that will offer you a variety of opportunities and allow you to grow as an educator? It’s easy to become overwhelmed when searching for a job in the field of education. Finding a permanent position after graduation may be one of the biggest obstacles you could face in the beginning of your teaching career. You may take the time to make yourself known at Teacher’s Recruitment Career Fairs and wait to meet an administrator from a school district, while other certified teachers find positions immediately after graduation.

You may be easily daunted by setbacks, but don’t allow all of your hard work and dedication to fall by the wayside. It’s important to keep searching and expand your horizons while looking for employment in the business world of education. A short-term solution that may benefit you greatly could be substitute teaching. While it may not be a full-time position, substituting teaching allows you to work on a day-to-day basis in a variety of different school districts. This option is always available to certified teachers who are seeking employment. Substitute teaching provides excellent opportunities for you to build upon your classroom management skills, build your resume and give you a great deal of experience.

As a substitute teacher, you will be able to build upon all of your skills and find your niche. Just think, the lesson plans will be provided for you by the teacher who you are filling in for. This circumstance gives you time to prepare yourself for a permanent position, and will help you generate ideas to create your own, unique lesson plans.

Another benefit of substitute teaching, within a variety of different school districts, is that the schools’ administrators and teachers will take notice that you are diverse. They will see that you are capable of delivering lessons with enthusiasm in different settings, and will take notice that the students of different grade levels learn well from you. When a short or long term assignment becomes available, administrators and teachers will be eager to consider you for the position because they will be aware of your dedication as a substitute teacher. When a full time position presents itself, you will already be acquainted with school staff and the student body. This will help increase your chances and present you with an opportunity to be considered as a candidate for the position.

Having a permanent position after graduation would be ideal, but this option isn’t always available. Don’t become discouraged by this factor. Take the time to make yourself known within the different school districts. Build a resume that demonstrates your skills, strengths, diversity and dedication. Substitute teaching provides a great deal of opportunities for you to shine as the excellent educator you are. Once you find a permanent position, you will be able to apply all of the lessons and skills you gained from substitute teaching in your very own classroom.

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