Call Center Customer Service Roles - Unique Skills for Unique Challenges

Call Center Customer Service Roles – Unique Skills for Unique Challenges

Call Center Customer Service Roles – Unique Skills for Unique Challenges

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Call Center Customer Service Roles - Unique Skills for Unique Challenges

If you’ve ever worked in a customer service position, you know that it can be very rewarding and takes a special personality and skill set to handle the challenges. Those who have the ability to make it look easy are admired for their positive outlook and high tolerance to cope with the demands. Here are some additional skills that translate well to customer service, particularly in a call center environment:

Computer Skills

  • Experience on a CRM-type system and ability to navigate a Windows environment.
  • Typing and alphanumeric data entry capabilities, includes knowledge of QWERTY keyboards and having the ability to hit the correct keys quickly and without looking; accuracy is key.
  • Microsoft Office program competencies, such as Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Coolness in a Fast-Paced Environment

  • Similar to the experience of working in a retail environment where there is a line of customers waiting to be assisted – a call center environment has patrons waiting to be assisted, except there isn’t a physical line. It is a queue of phone calls waiting on hold to be answered. Keeping focused and on-task; working with the caller quickly and efficiently; then moving on to the next call– while keeping your cool and offering the same enthusiasm you had for the first customer– are skills that hiring managers look for in job-seeking candidates.

Professional Telephone Etiquette

  • Call Center Customer Service Agents are polite, patient, and respectful at all times, especially if the caller is angry and rude. Avoid using terms that may be too familiar or slang based and never use profanity!

Customer Service Orientation

    • Active Listening – fully focusing on the caller and demonstrating that you have heard what the caller said with your helpful, confident, and on-point response.
    • Genuine Empathy – connecting emotionally builds trust with the caller by taking the time (and patience) to understand the customer’s needs.
    • Communication skills
      • Positive language focuses on the “good” versus something that may be perceived as a negative i.e. “Thank you for your patience” instead of “Sorry for your wait”, or “My pleasure” as a response to customers’ thank you instead of “No problem.”
      • Summarize the main points of the conversation to clarify the caller’s situation, ensuring that you’re on the right track to resolution and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.
      • Speaking clearly and slowly ensures the caller’s comprehension.
      • Bilingual skills are an asset to the company and those callers needing assistance.


  • The ability to take ownership of the call, handling an escalated situation to resolution without passing the caller onto a manager, cutting down on additional time or the risk of a dropped call.

Knowledge of Processes

  • Most companies have a minimum level of competency for skills that they look for when hiring a job seeker, allowing their training program to focus on the computer system, their products, and standards expectations.


  • The saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life”. A call center customer service role offers that variety as no two callers are the same, and often no two circumstances are the same. The ability to adjust your response and resolution to the caller’s needs is vital to the success of the role.
  • Another saying goes, “The one constant is change”. Being able to adjust to changes in policy, product, and standards is common in just about any position.

Most call center environments also offer growth opportunities. As a call center customer service representative, you can be promoted to a Lead Agent role and eventually become a supervisor or trainer. The company may also have opportunities within the organization in other departments such as Information Technology (IT), accounting, or fulfillment (just to name a few).

If you’re interested in a position that challenges you, isn’t just a job, and will put you on a career path of steady employment, Abel Personnel partners with many onsite call centers in Harrisburg, PA and Baltimore, MD. Our expert recruiters will assist you with your resume and interviews so you can convey the skills and capabilities that make you a great Call Center Customer Service Representative candidate. To apply for a Call Center Customer Service Representative position (or any of our other positions), go to our job board at and apply today. One of our helpful Talent Sourcers or a Recruiter will reach out to you with more information and the next step to your new job.

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