Crystal’s Story: Placing a Non-Traditional Candidate

Crystal’s Story: Placing a Non-Traditional Candidate

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Wouldn’t we all want to receive an unexpected email like this one in our inbox?

“We have been working with Marion to fill a variety of positions at Dasher. It has been a pleasure working with her as she is responsive and has a great understanding of what Dasher needs. During an interview with a referral, the candidate spoke so highly of Marion and how she described Dasher’s mission. Marion is doing a great job and we just wanted to share. We are so thankful to have a partner who understands us so well and we look forward to continuing to work together.”

Dasher, Inc. has been a client of Abel Personnel for many years. When Crystal joined Dasher about two years ago as Chief Culture and Engagement Officer, her duties included filling administrative and call center positions. She quickly understood the basis for this long association. After a recent successful placement, Crystal summed up her assessment as “Abel understands Dasher.”

In recounting her experience with Abel, Crystal explained that this direct hire was for a community healthcare worker who would interface with individuals on behalf of insurance companies, a service in which Dasher excels. This particular position required a certain sensitivity to be working directly with expecting and new moms with maternity and postpartum medical care reimbursement; an empathetic personality. This was very much an entry-level position, typical of one that Abel had filled for Dasher before Crystal came on board.

This hiring experience stood out for Crystal, prompting her to send this “Great Work!!!!” email to Deborah Abel, Abel Personnel’s President, in three aspects:

  • Marion Adams, the Abel recruiter, paid close attention and was very responsive in her interactions with Crystal. Marion quickly grasped and understood what the position required from both past knowledge and the special needs that Crystal detailed.
  • The applicant had been well prepared by Marion for the meeting with Crystal. During the interview, the applicant displayed a sincere interest and an unusually deep understanding of Dasher’s unique mission and culture and was able to demonstrate to Crystal why this mission and culture were exactly what the interviewee was seeking.
  • If Crystal had seen the applicant’s resume online, her reaction might have been that a social work background made this applicant overqualified for this position, and would have not pursued this candidate. However, Marion was able to draw out the candidate’s employment goals and the values she was seeking in her next employer. Marion was then able to convince both the candidate and Crystal that this was a great fit for the position, the company and the person.

Crystal’s interview with this applicant was all Crystal needed to be convinced she did not need to see more resumes and interview others. A non-traditional candidate for a non-traditional company.

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