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Job search First Impressions!

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Did you know that job seekers actually make a first impression before they schedule a
face-to-face interview?

To make a good first impression, read these helpful tips.

  • During the job hunt, your resume and cover letter are really your first impression.
    • If you’re applying for a lot of jobs at once, or even just one position, honing your resume to match the position can go a long way. Nothing highlights your lack of specific interest (not to mention your lack of attention to detail) like a resume objective about another position or cover letter that is addressed to a different company.
  • Want to let a potential employer know you’re probably not the most professional choice?
    • Go ahead and use “cutiebabyxoxo” or “sexylexi” email address, but if you’d rather make a good impression – save that email for friends and family. Create a separate account for your job search using your name – More…
  • Typos, poor grammar, and lack of continuity in formatting are also quick resume disqualifiers.
    • Most job seekers don’t meet their potential employers in person first; they meet them on paper: 90 percent of top companies use an applicant tracking system to find their candidates. This is why grammar issues on a resume cause a problem. Poorly edited resumes translate as poor communication skills, inattention to detail, and a lackluster desire for the job in the first place. More…
  • If you are lucky enough to make it into the call pile, you can use your phone presence as a second opportunity to make a good impression.
    • unintelligible messages and mumbling will quickly rule you out for reception and call center positions.More…

First impressions are everything. Put your best foot forward and make sure your resume is prepped and polished for any position you may apply for. Customizing resumes for each potential job is essential. It’s a good idea to change it up every time you apply for a new job, so it is perfectly tailored each time. More

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