My Abel Story By Teresa Heller

My Abel Story By Teresa Heller

My story with Abel began while taking my daily routine walk on the school track.  I was joined by a few classes of students along with their teachers, some of whom I taught in my younger years. They questioned my presence there, so I explained my desire to stay young, plus the fact that I have ten grandchildren. They replied that I was too young to retire and so I needed to get myself to Abel in Harrisburg because subs were really needed.  They stressed the fact that I’d be great. Inspired by all they had to say, I went home and called A+ for an appointment and began gathering my credentials.

My first, and kind of embarrassing moment, was when I had arrived at the office. I was asked why I had not forwarded my application. I explained that the A+ home screen froze and could not complete the application. When I was directed to a computer to fill out an application, the same thing happened on several of their computer’s. With a big smile she kindly invited me to share about my life with children to which I replied, “Do you have three hours?”  We both laughed and I had a great interview. A week later I found myself in second grade with twelve students and I thought I died and went to heaven. I had an excellent day. I left like I got a new lease on life and have enjoyed subbing in grades K to 4 ever since.

One day I had to come in to school at noon for third grade. One look from the secretary clued me in to what was coming. The gym teacher’s wife was going into labor and I had to run home, two blocks away, to don some gym apparel since I just came from a funeral and was formally dressed.  It was suggested that I just take them to walk the track.  Another secretary said that she wouldn’t advise that since the exterminators were coming to spray for a tick invasion. I went to the room and found the teacher’s plans were for indoor bowling.  I was home free because my father taught me to bowl when I was a girl. I was in this class for the next few days because of the teacher’s paternity leave. The students and I had fun bowling for the next few days and I even located my whistle that I had from teaching gym in the 70’s at a private school.

Throughout all of my adventures, I feel that I have grown in my love for children even more than before. I enjoyed being in a new classroom for each subbing experience because it never became a boring routine of the same daily schedule as when I had my own classroom.  I have always liked correcting papers and tidying up the classroom.  Before exiting, I would always write a summary of the work that was covered and student behavior, always stating the good things about student behavior.  It’s been wonderful to reconnect with some of the teachers who were my students and to also make new friends.

I have recommended Abel Personnel to several old friends who were previously teachers.  It has been encouraging dealing with the Abel staff, who are always very gracious and courteous to me, especially at the 5:30 A.M. calls.  The one person who made the greatest difference in how I was initially treated was Nancy Gundy, who made a lasting impression and her two fine secretaries, Cindy and Chinesa who helped me immensely.