Prepare for the Great Sign-On

Prepare for the Great Sign-On

Prepare for the Great Sign-On

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Prepare for the Great Sign-On

The start of the pandemic initiated many changes to our culture, our economy, and especially our job market. You have been aware of the Great Resignation or the Big Quit that’s been sweeping the nation since early 2021, but soon you will hear about (and experience) the Great Sign-On. Have your onboarding queues ready to fill! Many job-seekers were fed up with the jobs they quit or were laid off, and now have their sights set on greater opportunities. Abel Personnel is already hard at work with candidates that want to make the Great Sign-On with your company. Recruiters with Abel have years of experience with candidates that are seeking positions that are a new twist on their old skills.

With the number of employed and unemployed looking for a change, there lies a mutually beneficial solution to your unfilled openings problem. During this ‘Great Sign-On’ period that we are anticipating, working with Abel Personnel you should be prepared to see a significant influx of applicants willing to learn, willing to train, and make career switches that better suit their lifestyles. Many savvy employers understand the advantage of hiring for personality or demeanor rather than direct experience. The ideal candidate may be creative, self-starting, and reliable; qualities like these are often called soft skills. Soft skills are personal attributes that are much harder to teach and can make a candidate an unexpected gem when you are searching for fresh talent. The ideal candidate may not come in the same gift-wrapping that they once did!

Abel Personnel Recruiting Specialist Ruth spent extended time asking one job candidate named Renee about her aspirations and aptitudes before suggesting position openings that might be a great fit. Renee’s answers to Ruth’s questions were key in discovering which available openings Renee would be successful. Here is an example of how our recruiter, Ruth, probed to better understand Renee’s soft skills and preferences

Ruth: “What is your ideal work environment?”
Renee: “Well, I’m pretty adaptable so I’m happy to work with people or by myself.”
Ruth: “Okay, that’s reasonable. Renee, what type of work have you enjoyed at your last jobs?”
Renee: “Most of the positions I liked involved speaking with people over the phone. I really like working with people.”
Ruth: “That’s great to hear! Now, did you have customer service experience at your most recent positions?”
Renee: “Yes! I worked at a customer service counter and I also answered phones for customer service in a different role. Some of my coworkers would come to me if they had someone that was difficult to manage.”
Ruth: “Wonderful! It sounds like you have some experience with conflict resolution as well, then. I think that will be very useful.”

By taking the time to speak with Renee one-on-one about her soft skills, Ruth was able to project just how successful and valuable Renee could be in a variety of positions. Ruth loves building relationships with all of her candidates so that she can help them and you, the client, in a mutually beneficial placement. Renee was ready to make the Great Sign-On before speaking with Ruth, and now Ruth has the perfect role in mind for Renee.

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