4 Simple Ways

Staffing Agencies Make a Manager’s Job Easier

Staffing Agencies Make a Manager’s Job Easier

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4 Simple Ways

Effective managers delegate responsibility in order to plan, collaborate, and monitor the work of their employees. As experts in all aspects of the hiring process, staffing agencies can be a
valuable external resource for managers, offering a range of services and support – empowering managers to focus on accomplishing the goals of the organisation. Here are a few ways in which staffing agencies can help:

  • Finding the right talent: Staffing agencies specialise in finding and recruiting top talent and can take on the time-consuming task of sourcing and interviewing candidates for open positions. Agencies can also administer skills testing to confirm the candidate is as proficient in hard skills as their resume claims, and they can check references.
  • Offering flexible staffing solutions: Staffing agencies can allow managers to bring on temporary or contract workers as needed, rather than having to commit to hiring direct employees. This can be especially helpful during busy seasonal periods or when there are specific skills or expertise needed for a limited duration project.
  • Providing ongoing support: Staffing agencies identify training and development opportunities for their placements and assistance with performance management. This
    can help managers ensure that their team is performing at their best.
  • Handling administrative tasks: Staffing agencies support onboarding, handle payroll/benefits administration, and administer performance reviews and disciplinary actions for contract employees. This can relieve pressure on internal staff during high growth periods or temporary headcount spikes.

Overall, staffing agencies can be a valuable partner for managers, offering support and expertise to help them succeed in their roles while building strong, productive teams. This can save managers valuable time and allow them to focus on other priorities.

Finding the right staffing agency will save your company time and money. Abel Personnel has over 50 years of experience finding candidates to meet your company’s unique needs.

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