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The STAR Method to Answer Interview Questions

The STAR Method to Answer Interview Questions

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Star Method


Situation – Task – Action – Result

What was a challenge you faced at work in the past? What were the circumstances?
In my previous role, an important member of the team quit suddenly in the middle of a major project. We knew we wouldn’t be able to hire and onboard a new team member before the project deadline but this was a major project for a large client, and we didn’t was to lose the account.

What goal were you working towards?
I was tasked with taking over their responsibilities in addition to my own to ensure the project was successful.

What did you do specifically to address the situation?
I worked with my manager to deprioritize some other projects I was working on so that I could dedicate more time and effort to this account. I made myself completely available to the client, including taking calls with them some evenings to ensure they were wholly satisfied.

What was the outcome? What did you learn?
The project was delivered on time and to a high standard. The client was so happy they went on to sign a larger contract with us.

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