My Abel Story – by Cindy Isaacman

My Abel Story – by Cindy Isaacman

In 2001 Barbara I. helped place me in a position where I progressed from front desk receptionist to executive assistant for one of the VPs. There I was lucky to have the best boss I’ve ever had! Unfortunately, he moved away and our department folded.

Abel to the rescue! Barbara I. had retired, but she was still very close to Barb Karr, who was able to find a legal administrative assistant opening and encouraged me to interview for it. My previous experience made me look very desirable to the attorney who interviewed me; he wanted me to start the next day! In two weeks I slid right into the new position. Working for this company now for thirteen years has been a win-win relationship!

My Abel Story – Keysha Riddick

I have had a great experience from the very beginning working with Abel. In 2017 I was looking for immediate work as a prior assignment was coming to an end. A friend of mine told me where she was working, and that they were looking to hire some representatives. I put in my application at Abel was contacted by Barb Karr right away. I went in for an interview and some testing. Barb was able to get me in for an interview on sight within just a couple days. The following week I was able to start my new assignment.

The fast turnaround was absolutely amazing. It can sometimes be difficult looking for new jobs or even getting an interview. Abel made the process so easy and hassle free. Everyone I needed to work with on the Abel team has been very professional. I started in the call center, and within 9 months I was selected to assist with the open enrollment program. After 1 year I was promoted to be the TA in the Staging & Scanning Department.

Able really cares about their employees, I am honored to be a part of their team and would recommend them to anyone looking for employment.

My Abel Story – Angela Beaverson

I applied to Abel Personnel not knowing what I wanted to do with the next step in my life. I was called to come in and meet with Ruth. I had taken a series of tests & then went over the results with her. She said she had the perfect job for me and she wasn’t kidding!

We spoke in great detail about the job and its expectations. She expressed her respect for the company that she was interviewing for, which made me very excited about the position. I felt absolutely comfortable with her, like I had known her my entire life! The entire experience was professional, but very relaxing.

The end result was being accepted by the company and hired full-time. Ruth kept in touch with me throughout the entire process. It is a different direction that I had thought I would go, but I am absolutely happy. The company is like family. That was proven right after Christmas when I had an emergency and had to leave with no one to cover for me. The president of the company took over my duties that day so I could take care of the situation. One of my coworkers even came in on her week off between Christmas and New Year to help out that day.

Definitely give Abel Personnel a try because you never know what life changing events will happen!

My Abel Story by Christine Radell

My Abel story began in October of 2018 with an interview, which initially proved easier said than done! My crazy schedule at the time complicated things immensely. Despite that, Chinesa Rahman and Stephen McDaniel went out of their way to accommodate me for an interview. For that, I was extremely grateful!

When I arrived for the interview, Chinesa made me feel very welcomed as she walked me through the initial onboarding tasks. The unity in this team effort was clearly evident when Chinesa passed the baton to Stephen. I continued to feel welcomed as the interview progressed and Stephen led me through the remaining tasks required for hire. Very quickly I was substituting in the classroom and loving it! As with any job, some days were more challenging than others. However, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to teach! I am exploring the possibility of returning to college to earn a teaching certificate while I continue to substitute in the classroom.

Through Abel Personnel I have gained invaluable insight and experience in the classroom. Although I am unsure where my path will eventually go, there is one thing that I do know. I am extremely thankful for the privilege of working with Abel Personnel and for the opportunities the company has provided.

In addition to the individuals I have already mentioned, I have developed numerous friendships with fellow Abel Personnel employees and with staff members of the schools where I have substituted. Furthermore, a number of students hold a special place in my heart, but that is another story for another time. And so, my Abel story continues.

My Abel Story by DS

Just a little bit about me, I am a mother and a wife, and I came from abroad to the United States to have the American dream. It was hard for me, dealing with some health problems and a special needs son. I quit school and work to stay home to help my son and my health.

When I applied for a job at Abel, I did not think I was going to be called for an interview or even have my resume reviewed, but I was wrong. As soon as I sent in my application, I got an email back the next day for an interview. They gave me a time that worked best for me. When I got to the interview, it felt like I was talking to people I already knew. I was welcomed and appreciated just like everyone else.

A day after the interview, I got a call from the office that I got the job. The process was very smooth and easy. I started working for Abel in June 2018. Through their help and coaching I learned from the interview, Abel helped me be a better person and employee and made me fall in love with my job. I am now at the same job. I was hired directly with the company in March 2019.

My Abel Story By Lachelle Dent

I began working for Abel in 1996, and I was placed at PHEAA. I previously worked for Abel from 1996-2001. I was rehired for another placement at Magellan in 2015 in which I am still currently employed by Abel. I love where I am placed and the team that I work for and with. Through my employment I have learned new things, acquired new skills and knowledge, and have made some very precious friendships.

Back in 2001 I had a son who was often sick requiring me to be off of work. I lost my job and was being denied unemployment. When Debby Abel heard of my denial she personally stated it would be approved and it was. That truly helped me so much. I had a newborn and a household, and didn’t know what I would have done. I am forever thankful for that.

I was laid off and having a hard time finding employment. I had applied for many places and wasn’t getting hired. My employment was ending and so were my savings. I turned to Abel who found me immediate employment. Once again Abel saved me from being homeless and from great financial despair.

I would recommend Abel because they are a great company to work for. They are friendly, professional and understanding.

My Abel Story By Nicole Graby-Cole

My journey with Abel began in early March of 2017. The interviewing processing was a good and interesting one as I also had to go through the assessment for job placement. I was treated very fairly.

Hakim and Pat really went to bat for me. They both made a lasting impression in my mind; they were very courteous and professional beyond my initial expectations, as I had never worked with a temp agency before.

My experience with Abel was short-term, and a long-term relationship with the company I was placed with, as I was hired on full-time with advancement at my assignment.

I will forever be grateful to Abel. Without them, and their encouragement, I would not be starting out on my new career path. I still get to see Pat and Hakim, and they always bring a smile to my face. 

I would recommend Abel to others as they are a fair judge of character, helped me become a gainful employee, and continued to work with me throughout my hardships. Abel has had a huge and lasting impact on my life.

My Abel Story By Jason Albert

It all began in my old high school library several years ago. I work for A+ Teachers and I met many of the staff including Debby Abel who is the president of the company. I thought that it was fantastic to meet her and the others from the top down. The entire staff were very personable and made the hiring process and the orientation go smoothly.  I would personally like to thank Stephen and Joi for being my go to people. I couldn’t ask for better liaisons than these two individuals. It seems like I’ve developed a friendship with them as well and some funny memories.

What a difference a change in a career can do for the soul.  I’ve always wanted to teach.  My life has completely changed working with children every week. I’ve gained so much experience which will serve me well as I pursue a dual teaching certification in Special Education K-12 and a general teacher of record in any other subject. I plan on a continued relationship with A+ Teachers as I pursue my degree. I really enjoy the flexible schedule that makes it easier to manage my time as I further my education. When I complete my teaching certification, I plan on working with Abel throughout the placement process. I’ll never forget what working for Abel has done to change my life. It’s like working with family.  I can’t say enough good things about Abel and A+ Teachers. I would highly recommend giving the staff at Abel Personnel an opportunity to serve you and possibly change your life as well.

My Abel Story By Lauren Schultz

I loved working with Abel to find the perfect fit for me. As a transplant from New Jersey, Barb and her team were amazing at ensuring I knew the process, and were fantastic at placing me with my current organization! I remember Barb telling me I would be perfect for a role and she was right, I was a perfect fit! She knows her stuff.

After meeting with Barb and her team they sent me to interview and 6 years later I am still here loving my job, new home, and the new career that Abel helped me find. Abel took the time to understand me and my needs, as well as the needs of the organization which I find important. Because she took the time to understand my personality, she knew I would be a good fit culturally with my company. She made it so I didn’t have to go back and ask her to find me something else. She took the time to place me in a role I would thrive in.

Thanks to Barb, I landed with an amazing organization that is as devoted to me as I am to it, and I love my life since starting here. I officially became a PA resident, purchased my first home, and adopted a puppy, all thanks to Barb and Abel matching me with my organization.

My Abel Story By Teresa Heller

My story with Abel began while taking my daily routine walk on the school track.  I was joined by a few classes of students along with their teachers, some of whom I taught in my younger years. They questioned my presence there, so I explained my desire to stay young, plus the fact that I have ten grandchildren. They replied that I was too young to retire and so I needed to get myself to Abel in Harrisburg because subs were really needed.  They stressed the fact that I’d be great. Inspired by all they had to say, I went home and called A+ for an appointment and began gathering my credentials.

My first, and kind of embarrassing moment, was when I had arrived at the office. I was asked why I had not forwarded my application. I explained that the A+ home screen froze and could not complete the application. When I was directed to a computer to fill out an application, the same thing happened on several of their computer’s. With a big smile she kindly invited me to share about my life with children to which I replied, “Do you have three hours?”  We both laughed and I had a great interview. A week later I found myself in second grade with twelve students and I thought I died and went to heaven. I had an excellent day. I left like I got a new lease on life and have enjoyed subbing in grades K to 4 ever since.

One day I had to come in to school at noon for third grade. One look from the secretary clued me in to what was coming. The gym teacher’s wife was going into labor and I had to run home, two blocks away, to don some gym apparel since I just came from a funeral and was formally dressed.  It was suggested that I just take them to walk the track.  Another secretary said that she wouldn’t advise that since the exterminators were coming to spray for a tick invasion. I went to the room and found the teacher’s plans were for indoor bowling.  I was home free because my father taught me to bowl when I was a girl. I was in this class for the next few days because of the teacher’s paternity leave. The students and I had fun bowling for the next few days and I even located my whistle that I had from teaching gym in the 70’s at a private school.

Throughout all of my adventures, I feel that I have grown in my love for children even more than before. I enjoyed being in a new classroom for each subbing experience because it never became a boring routine of the same daily schedule as when I had my own classroom.  I have always liked correcting papers and tidying up the classroom.  Before exiting, I would always write a summary of the work that was covered and student behavior, always stating the good things about student behavior.  It’s been wonderful to reconnect with some of the teachers who were my students and to also make new friends.

I have recommended Abel Personnel to several old friends who were previously teachers.  It has been encouraging dealing with the Abel staff, who are always very gracious and courteous to me, especially at the 5:30 A.M. calls.  The one person who made the greatest difference in how I was initially treated was Nancy Gundy, who made a lasting impression and her two fine secretaries, Cindy and Chinesa who helped me immensely.