My Abel Story By Teresa Heller

My Abel Story By Teresa Heller

My story with Abel began while taking my daily routine walk on the school track.  I was joined by a few classes of students along with their teachers, some of whom I taught in my younger years. They questioned my presence there, so I explained my desire to stay young, plus the fact that I have ten grandchildren. They replied that I was too young to retire and so I needed to get myself to Abel in Harrisburg because subs were really needed.  They stressed the fact that I’d be great. Inspired by all they had to say, I went home and called A+ for an appointment and began gathering my credentials.

My first, and kind of embarrassing moment, was when I had arrived at the office. I was asked why I had not forwarded my application. I explained that the A+ home screen froze and could not complete the application. When I was directed to a computer to fill out an application, the same thing happened on several of their computer’s. With a big smile she kindly invited me to share about my life with children to which I replied, “Do you have three hours?”  We both laughed and I had a great interview. A week later I found myself in second grade with twelve students and I thought I died and went to heaven. I had an excellent day. I left like I got a new lease on life and have enjoyed subbing in grades K to 4 ever since.

One day I had to come in to school at noon for third grade. One look from the secretary clued me in to what was coming. The gym teacher’s wife was going into labor and I had to run home, two blocks away, to don some gym apparel since I just came from a funeral and was formally dressed.  It was suggested that I just take them to walk the track.  Another secretary said that she wouldn’t advise that since the exterminators were coming to spray for a tick invasion. I went to the room and found the teacher’s plans were for indoor bowling.  I was home free because my father taught me to bowl when I was a girl. I was in this class for the next few days because of the teacher’s paternity leave. The students and I had fun bowling for the next few days and I even located my whistle that I had from teaching gym in the 70’s at a private school.

Throughout all of my adventures, I feel that I have grown in my love for children even more than before. I enjoyed being in a new classroom for each subbing experience because it never became a boring routine of the same daily schedule as when I had my own classroom.  I have always liked correcting papers and tidying up the classroom.  Before exiting, I would always write a summary of the work that was covered and student behavior, always stating the good things about student behavior.  It’s been wonderful to reconnect with some of the teachers who were my students and to also make new friends.

I have recommended Abel Personnel to several old friends who were previously teachers.  It has been encouraging dealing with the Abel staff, who are always very gracious and courteous to me, especially at the 5:30 A.M. calls.  The one person who made the greatest difference in how I was initially treated was Nancy Gundy, who made a lasting impression and her two fine secretaries, Cindy and Chinesa who helped me immensely.

My Abel Story By Angela Rodriguez

It all started in the summer of 2016. I walked in to do testing and everyone was very friendly and down to earth. I remember being nervous, but Pat was so nice and forthcoming; it was like talking to an aunt. She knew right away were I would fit in.

I’ve been at my assignment for almost 3 years on a long-term assignment. I started as a CSR for accounting and now I’m an accounting generalist. There is room for advancement as long as you put in the work, have a can-do attitude, and be willing to learn.

I’ve become confident in what I am capable of doing, which is so important to succeed.

If you’re looking to be treated like family, Abel is the only way to go. They are caring and always there for me when I’ve needed them.

My Abel Story By Ardian Demiri

I started in March 2013. Pat was the person who interviewed me. She was really nice and easygoing in explaining the qualifications of the job. She gave a brief description of all of the job duties, making it much easier for me to prepare for my new job.

I had multiple medical challenges that I faced while working for Abel. Any time I needed time off to take care of them, Abel was very easy to talk to about my situation and supportive; scheduling time off was never an issue.

Working at my current position has improved my communication with people. I’ve learned a lot about how to deal with people and handle any situation by remaining calm and actively listening to customer concerns as I helped them with their needs. Any time I have had a disagreement with a co-worker, I talked to Pat and she helped diffuse the situation; in most cases I’ve become friends with these people. It helped me outside of work to deal with family matters, friends, and even companies that I have business relationships with like car insurance, credit card companies, and health insurance. With the skills that I’ve gained working with people, I am clearer and more conscious of how company policies work and what questions to ask to have my needs met. I’ve also been sort of a role model when dealing with friends and family because of the patience that I’ve gained working as a call center representative talking to customers of all backgrounds.

Abel is very easy to talk to about any situation that comes up. I’ve been working 5 years and I’ve seen a lot of people come and go, but you have their full support and they handle things well.

My Abel Story By Jim Beck

My journey with ABEL began at a Job Fair that was being held at the Colonial Park Mall.  I had recently become unemployed due to my previous employer closing the site where I worked.  At the job fair I stopped to speak with Hakim, who was very personable, took the time to listen and was extremely professional.  I told him of my circumstances and we had a pseudo-interview of sorts. He told me of an opening at Transcore that I might be interested in.  I left the job fair, went home to look into the position, and applied for it.

I was brought in to ABEL for an interview with Pat Davis, which began my hiring process and eventual hiring at Transcore.  I am thankful to ABEL for asking Transcore to take another look at my resume. After several interviews with the customer service management team and an interview with Annette Burns, I was offered the position.

The biggest difference was being able to start work again and be off of unemployment benefits, but the position also introduced me to a different business sector as my previous experience was nearly 25 years in Pharmacy Benefit Management.

The personnel at ABEL have always been top-notch, even when we might be having a difference of opinion or perspective, they remain professional.

My Abel Story By Kellie Hutchins

During a difficult period in my life I found myself unemployed (December 2017).  After receiving a suggestion from a friend, I was told to see Barb Karr at Abel in Lemoyne.  I had never been to Abel before, and wasn’t from the Harrisburg area, so I had no idea what type of staffing company they were.  I called and set up an appointment immediately.  Immediately upon entering the door I was greeted with smiles and a wonderful staff of ladies.  I completed my testing and sat down with Barb.  Instantly, I knew I was going to like her.  She made me feel welcome and I knew she was going to do whatever she could to help me out.  For the first time in a while I felt like everything was going to be alright.

That very day I received a phone call from Barb.  “I have an interview for you!”  I couldn’t have been happier.  Things were finally starting to fall into place.

I am still employed with Abel to this day.  After 434 days I am still 100% confident that Barb, my recruiter, will and has advocated for me, supported me, guided me and has been there for me no matter what the issue.

I don’t share my life situation and hurdles with many people, but Barb knows it all.  She supports me in my decision both professionally and personally.  No matter what the circumstances I can always count on an honest and compassionate answer from her.

My life has definitely changed for the better since I walked through the doors of Abel.  I went to Abel looking for a job, in the long run I got much more than that.  I have a friend.

I would absolutely recommend Abel to anyone who is in the market for a job!

My Abel Story By Fabiean Hershey

Where do I begin?  I remember,  I went to the high school and was told to contact Abel Personnel A+ Teachers. I called Abel Personnel to see about working for the Annville Cleona School District as a substitute aide.  Taking me back 34 years,  when I started working as a sub then became full time for the City of  Jamestown New York School District.  I knew working as a sub was flexible, rewarding and oh yes made a little extra cash.  Substituting is the best job for a mother to make some money and still be there for her children, especially if you work in the same school district. Now I am retired and wanted to help out with kids of all walks of life. So I meant Nancy Gundy and the A+ Team in Harrisburg. Repeating my journey from 26 years ago to my now retirement age a job that works with my schedule.

Nancy Gundy was wonderful to speak with and  learn how many things had changed in the system, plus  how strongly the need is in Pennsylvania for aides.  I’m sorry I can’t remember the woman’s name at the front desk,  but she was so helpful with the computer in doing all the forms and getting registered in the system.

One great outcome of substituting is meeting so many people, making friends with the teachers and staff but most of all seeing how you are appreciated for your help.  Appreciated by both the staff and students.  I really enjoy working with the Life Skills class, seeing how they manage the coffee shop in the high school teaching and advising them on politeness, focusing seeing how they are excepted and respected by fellow students.  I’m sure when the time comes that they are out in the true working force having this training will definitely help them move forward in their lives.

Although I am not an active weekly worker, Abel Personnel is understanding of my needs and still allows me to help when I can.  Vanessa is great with catching  me and everyone on staff are extremely polite and considerate.  I would and have recommended Abel Personnel to other retired friends of mine and even a few younger people.  I plan on continuing to help and can not say enough about Nancy Gundy and her staff.

You are more than welcome to share my story especially if it is worthy.

My Abel Story By Anonymous

In 2010, I experienced one of the most difficult obstacles of my life and Abel gave me a chance. I was 23, pregnant and living in a homeless shelter for women and children. I was attending a day program at EDSI; a place where you can do simple tasks to gain experience, learn how to create a resume, etc. I had knowledge in these areas, so I was always on top of everything. One of the employees at EDSI alerted me to a job opening with Abel Personnel. I was hesitant to apply, in light of my pregnancy, but I figured I had nothing to lose, so I applied.

I was contacted by Abel and met with Pat Davis for an interview, after taking the initial computer testing. During my interview, I let Pat know that I was pregnant and due in just a few months. I wanted to be honest about it. Pat called me a few days letter to let me know that one of the supervisors at Abel’s client was interested in having me interview. Pat made sure the supervisor was aware that I was pregnant and would need a few weeks off after having the baby. The supervisor was ok with that and I was offered the position, which I gladly accepted.

Despite having been at Abel and with Abel’s client for less than a year, I was given adequate time off after I had the baby. My position was still waiting for me when I returned back to work.

With three solid years of work history, I was ready to make a change. Pat notified me of a better opportunity, which offered other wonderful benefits.  I interviewed and accepted the position. I have now been there for almost 6 years and have been with Abel for close to 9 years.

Abel has treated me very well and has given me a chance when others may not have. I have always had a reason to believe that Abel truly cares about its employees. Knowing that I work for an employer that cares and appreciates me is just one of the many reasons in why I come in to work each day and enjoy it.

Thank you, Abel, for giving me a chance to succeed and for always believing in me. I have learned a lot throughout these 9 years and I look forward to learning more in the years to come and hope to advance in my career.

My Abel Story By Bev Magdule

After completing 20 years in my profession, I took the summer off.  I received a call from Barbara Isaacman, Abel Personnel, asking me to interview for a “temporary 6 week job” that was mostly to handle accounts payable.  After being the controller at my previous employment, I immediately said no.  A month later Barbara called again and said, ” Bev, I really want you to interview for this job. I think when they talk to you, this job could be more than accounts payable.”  Needless to say the 6 week accounts payable job turned into another career position as their controller!  Barbara and I laughed about this for years.

Not only was this job a full-time career position, but it also gave me many personal opportunities and friendships that I would never have had.  With my new knowledge and experience, I was given great opportunities which allowed me to start my own side business. This job was definitely the highlight of my working career in so many ways and none of it would have been possible without Barbara Isaacman and Abel Personnel insisting I follow through with this interview.

I highly recommend Abel Personnel for anyone searching for a job.  I used their services over and over to hire employees for varied positions.  Candidates were always qualified, screened and very professional.  

Happy 50th Anniversary Abel!!

Bev Magdule

My Abel Story by Matthew Krupp

In the spring of 2002, I interviewed with Abel Personnel for a job in the Loan Asset Management call center at the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.  At that time, there were three employment agencies that staffed the call center, but staff there told me to apply through Abel, because it provided more paid holidays and benefits than the other agencies.  Abel also allowed me to work flexible hours, which enabled me to continue my education at Shippensburg University.

I graduated from Shippensburg in 2004, and continued working for Abel until 2005, when I was hired into a full-time call center position at PHEAA.  The experience gained, and relationships made working as an Abel employee helped prepare me for my transition to a full-time State employee.  My time at Abel also inspired me to further my education, and that fall I began studying at the Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg.  While in law school, I continued working in the call center, until I obtained an internship in the Governor’s Office of General Counsel.

I subsequently passed the bar exam in 2008 and worked as an attorney for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania until 2017, when I left the State and started my own law practice.

For me, Abel was the first step in a long and wonderful career in public service.  When I was in college, I didn’t know what career path I wanted to pursue.Abel gave me my first job in a professional office environment, which also happened to be a State agency. That experience ultimately led to me pursuea law degree and a career in public service.

In 2015, I was fortunate to win a seat on the Harrisburg School Board in 2015, and in 2018, I was elected as the Dauphin County Prothonotary.

I would absolutely recommend Abel to others.  If it wasn’t for my first job through Abel, I’m not sure where I would be.

My Abel Story by Tammy Burno

I was in need of employment because the company I worked for nine years downsized.  At the time it was pretty tough because the entire country was going through the same thing.  Many businesses were shutting their doors for good!  This made it more of a challenge because so many others were in my shoes. They were out in the jobs market looking for a job with the same experience and skill set. I was not optimistic at the time.

I found other job, s but they were either short term or seasonal.  I needed something a little more permanent so applying for a job through a staffing agency was the last thing I wanted to do. But something told me to just do it.  I did, and was pleasantly surprised.  When I interviewed with Abel’s Staffing Manager Pat,  I expressed my wishes thinking that I would probably not be taken seriously.  I was pleasantly surprised!

I really did not want to do exactly what I was doing most of my working life which was either face to face customer service or telephone customer service.  I wanted more of a challenge.  I wanted a change while still playing to my strength which is “customer service.”  Luckily, I’m doing that now and can add a new skill set to my resume. I’m will celebrate my 6-year anniversary next month.  No one could have told me that I would be still be here 6 years  ago.

I have gone through a lot of challenges over the last 6 years, and the people around me every day are responsible for helping me get through the really tough times.  I don’t have much family near me so the support from my work family means everything to me.

I would recommend Abel because of the success that I’ve had.  I think that Abel did a great job with my assignment!