My Abel Story – Brock Koch

My Abel Story – Brock Koch

I am a central Pennsylvania native who first approached a local staffing firm for help job hunting, but they weren’t getting me in anything that really stuck or anything that fit. Because nothing seemed right, I thought I would give Abel Personnel a try. There, I worked with Barb and noticed the difference immediately.

Barb worked wonders for me. She got me into jobs that actually fit what I was doing. If it wasn’t going to fit, she would tell me about it but make it clear that it might not be something I want. Abel let me make the decision, as opposed to the other firm, where they’d say, “Here’s a job, go do it.”

Some jobs were quick fill-ins, but then Abel placed me in the call center of a major regional employer. Dealing with the public is not always the easiest thing, but it’s what I’ve done most of my life; it comes naturally to me.

After that, I worked for a third-party collection agency for five years, rising through the ranks but frustrated by the lack of health benefits, especially with the birth of my son looming. That’s when Barb called out of the blue. “Are you looking for a job?” she asked. To which I said, “I’ve been here five and a half years, but what do you have?”

Abel got me a position with the state agency, where I work today. My new employers accommodat1ed me with some time off when the baby was born. My supervisor even threw a baby shower. Since 2015, I’ve capitalized on opportunities to climb the career ladder. I started in a temporary-to-permanent job and within five weeks, I proved myself and had a permanent job when a colleague left.

I have kept in touch with Barb, out of gratitude for her kindness and thoughtfulness. To anyone struggling to find work, I say that a dedicated agency like Abel offers a helping hand. They know where the jobs are, and at the same time, you don’t have to stop job searching.

I definitely recommend Abel Personnel. The other firm I dealt with wasn’t as personal or outgoing. They just wanted you to fill jobs whether they were right for you or not. Because Abel gets to know clients as well as they do, that can mean a phone call even when you don’t expect it – but just might happen to need it. If you want a job where you can advance, in a field that you’re interested in, Abel is spot on.

My Abel Story – Anonymous

After being a stay at home Mom for many years, I was interested in getting back into the job market. I was referred to Abel for my job search. I met with Pat Davis, and was placed with a client who offered me a full-time position. I have been with them for over 6 years and am very thankful that Abel gave me this opportunity. I encourage anyone who is reentering the workforce to reach out to Abel. Congratulations on 50 years!

My Abel Story – Linda Freedenberg

I didn’t go through the interview process as Deb Abel knew me personally and my previous work. I was grateful that she thought of me to forward my name to her client.

After speaking to Deb about the process and then going to the interview with the current president, and the upcoming president, of the company at which I was applying to, I felt very confident that my job skills would be adequate for the position. I was hired immediately and this position gave me the opportunity to gain more skills, and to meet & work with a wonderful group of businessmen and businesswomen serving as volunteers in the Harrisburg community.

The connections that I was able to make and friendships that we shared through this job are something I cherished throughout my 21 years of employment and now through retirement.

I would absolutely recommend Abel Personnel. Deb Abel has a knack to know her client’s needs, the job/career they are searching, and how to pair the two.

My Abel Story – Wendy Speck

I was a full-time mom of 5 who had, “done the books,” for my husband’s construction business for 15 years. I was looking for a job for the first time in a long time and responded to an ad in the paper for an Administrative Assistant. This took me to Abel Personnel. I did not know what to expect, and I figured I would be doing short-term jobs. I went through the testing, and then had an interview with a very kind lady (later I found out this was the owner – Debby Abel). Before I knew it, I was offered a job as a recruiter at Abel! I was amazed.

Because of the demands of family, children, and aging parents, I have not always been able to work full-time. But over the years Abel has offered me some wonderful positions. I have been a Payroll Manager, Executive Assistant and I am now a part-time Payroll Specialist/Financial Associate. Abel has pretty much taken care of all of my job needs since I have been back in the job market. The jobs have been interesting, stretched me, and given me the experience I can be proud of putting on my resume.

Abel has also given my kids some pretty amazing opportunities. One daughter started at United Way and ended up in a Director position in Kansas – all because Abel gave her a foot in the door.

I have applied at other jobs/agencies, but Abel is always the one who comes through. They really look at your strengths and just get to know you. It is hard to find that kind of personal experience anywhere else.

Thanks for everything – you all are really and truly THE VERY BEST PERSONAL AGENCY EVER!!!

My Abel Story – Crisilla Manfred

I started working with Abel in 2016. I remember Pat calling me about a possible job assignment. She was very thorough, and her up-beat personality was what made me wait to do a one-on-one interview. Best decision I made! I’ve been with Abel for 3 years now.

The Christmas Parties are great! Good food and people, and wonderful fellowship. Debby Abel is wonderful. I never knew she even knew who I was.

The assignment I accepted is wonderful. I have learned a lot and have met a lot of great people along the way.

I would most definitely recommend Abel. It is a great company to work for!

My Abel Story – Pat Swingle

My story involves FANTASTIC recruiter, Marion. This beautiful woman made me feel confident after my years of truly feeling, and living as a “displaced worker”. This recruiter needs to be acknowledged.

I never believed in temporary employment agencies before. However, I have already referred several of my friends and they are receiving the same wonderful experience.

Much appreciation for the wonderful employees at the Harrisburg office.

My Abel Story – Shamona Baylor

In 2012 I was working in a temporary post for a behavioral health agency. The work was fine, but I wanted a job with stability, which would give me the confidence and the space to grow. I had submitted a resume to Abel Personnel, in case anything turned up that would suit my background in medical records.

When the call came about an opening, I had to decide quickly. The job was temporary-to-permanent, but I saw a chance for advancement. If I performed well for 90 days, the job would be mine. On my 23rd day, the supervisor called me into her office. My Abel Personnel coordinator was there, too. The supervisor said, “I can’t believe I’m about to do this, because you’ve only been here 23 days, but I want to make you permanent.” I was amazed and gratified. I knew that by showing initiative and learning quickly I would have the job, but here was recognition of my capabilities. As it turned out, my eagerness to learn fed into a plan of my supervisor’s. The woman who trained me was retiring later in the year, and they wanted me to be her replacement.

With only six months of experience there, I became department trainer. In two years, I was team lead. Since 2016, I have been supervisor. It was great to know that my employers saw my potential and cultivated it.

This whole time, Abel was also by my side. Sometimes, you have a job and try to advance, but then a wrench gets thrown into the works. That simply didn’t happen this time. I received support when I knew I needed it, and even when I didn’t know I needed it.

For instance, there was the time I was performing higher-level tasks normally performed by a coworker who went on sick leave. To my surprise, people noticed, and Abel Personnel rewarded me. To me, that was as much about the recognition of my work as it was about the compensation. Knowing that I was in a stable environment that encourages growth gave me the confidence to step up. I’ve also worked hard to build camaraderie in the workplace because we all want a reason to come to work in the morning.

My experience has taught me that people pay attention. They notice those who put in the extra effort. When someone asks why I took a job that was “only” temporary-to-permanent, I tell them that this could be you, too. When a door opens, you walk through it, because all sorts of opportunities could be on the other side. I have grown, and I feel great knowing that I planted some seeds within some colleagues to grow and blossom the same way. There’s no better gratification than that, especially knowing that it all started with a call from Abel.

My Abel Story – Susan Young

Before my employment began with ABEL, I worked with numerous large companies that offered great pay and benefits, but that was never enough to sustain me, nor make me a happy employee. I knew what I wanted from a company but was unsure that it was possible or even within reason of ever happening, until I started working with ABEL.

I had just resigned from a well-known insurance company when I received an email from Barb. It was about two days later that an interview was scheduled with Barb. When I arrived at the office, I was greeted by a sweet spoken young lady that advised me what was going to transpire for the next hour or so.

Once all the testing was completed, I meet Barb. Upon entering her office, I was greeted by a happy, confident woman that made me feel welcomed and comfortable enough to have a great interview. Barb was very personable, and to the point. I respected that she was professional as well as humane. Our meeting didn’t feel robotic or cold, nor did I feel like an applicant when the interview ended. Instead, I felt confident and assured that my skills were needed and wanted. I left her office feeling pretty good.

Well, sure enough, I received a call back from Barb, and she was excited to advise me of interviewing with the company. Everything she told me at our meeting happened exactly as she stated.

I started as a phone rep and my experience only enhanced within my short time here. Working with the customers brought about so many emotions for me. I was touched that I was doing something real, helpful, and full of purpose. I finally felt like I was making a difference in someone’s life. The gratitude from the customers is so heartwarming that it touched my heart, through the phone, and I finally found the pleasure I had been missing and yearning for at my previous places of employment.

I also want to add, it doesn’t stop there. The staff, including management, are just as personable, and offer a realistic environment as well. I have had a few obstacles, but with the understanding and managerial skills here, it makes working here pleasurable. I no longer feel like a number, I feel included, important and recognized. Feelings I never thought were in existence in a business world.

The working environment and the benefits are great. I appreciate the ability to grow within the company. I have a new position since I’ve been hired, and finally feel like I found where I belong. I thank ABEL for all things!

My Abel Story – Sonalie Jones

My Story is one of Gratitude.

I was out of work a few months due to the company downsizing. I took a customer service job that I didn’t like, only because the bills needed to be paid. The pay wasn’t good, so I also had to get a job in the evenings.

About four months into the job, I got a call from Abel Personnel asking if I was available because they had a job offer for me. I made an appointment. Hearing the job details, I knew I wanted in. I took the required test, filled out the paperwork, and gave my job notice.

The best part about my job with Abel is that I get to be a mother to my boys. My hours allow me to drop them off at school and be home at a decent hour to help them with homework. I also get to spend quality time home with them on the weekends.

Thanks Abel.
Sonalie Jones

My Abel Story – by Cindy Isaacman

In 2001 Barbara I. helped place me in a position where I progressed from front desk receptionist to executive assistant for one of the VPs. There I was lucky to have the best boss I’ve ever had! Unfortunately, he moved away and our department folded.

Abel to the rescue! Barbara I. had retired, but she was still very close to Barb Karr, who was able to find a legal administrative assistant opening and encouraged me to interview for it. My previous experience made me look very desirable to the attorney who interviewed me; he wanted me to start the next day! In two weeks I slid right into the new position. Working for this company now for thirteen years has been a win-win relationship!