From Air Force Veteran to IT Professional: Alex Jones’ Journey with Abel Personnel

From Air Force Veteran to IT Professional: Alex Jones’ Journey with Abel Personnel

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At Abel Personnel, our mission is not just to find jobs for individuals but to connect them with opportunities that align with their skills, aspirations, and unique backgrounds. Alex Jones, a recent placement, exemplifies the transformative impact our organization has to facilitate a seamless transition from military service to gainful civilian employment opportunities.

Integration through Abel Personnel

“I have worked with [my new company] through Abel Personnel for about 3 months,” Alex shared. This reflects the culmination of a journey that began with the end of his Air Force contract and participation in the My Computer Career Cyber Warrior Skill bridge program. This program not only equipped Alex with essential IT certifications but also provided the skills needed to kickstart a career in the rapidly evolving IT industry.

The Path to the Interview and the First Day on the Job

Alex recounted the pivotal role his Abel Personnel recruiter played in helping him prepare for the interview. “My recruiter was knowledgeable and amazing, she prepared me for the interview, set expectations, provided guidance and got me an amazing offer,” he explained. This intersection of military expertise and civilian opportunities highlights the effectiveness of the mission of Abel Personnel. “The first day on the job was seamless. Melissa Davis and Leah Spangler were incredibly helpful. They made sure I had the correct locations and the right people to get in contact with,” Alex shared.

The Significance of the Job Opportunity

For Alex, this job opportunity goes beyond just a career move. “This job opportunity means the world. I am still relatively new to the IT field, and this role allows me to experience a lot of different aspects. It prepares and assures me I have a bright future in Technology. The team is also very easy to work with!” he expressed. This sentiment underscores the importance of not only finding a job but finding one that aligns with personal growth and professional exploration.

Advice for Job Seekers Considering Abel Personnel

When asked about what advice Alex would give to others thinking of applying for jobs through Abel Personnel, the response was unequivocal. “If someone were applying for jobs through Abel Personnel, I would tell them they are doing the right thing! I have nothing but good things to say about the company and employees that helped me through the process.” This endorsement speaks volumes about the dedication of an Abel Personnel recruiter and their team in guiding Veterans toward fulfilling career paths after dedicated military service.

Military Service and the Transferable Skills

Delving into Alex’s military background, his four years of service in the Air Force specializing in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance became a foundation for his success. “The biggest things my military training and experience prepared me for were teamwork, troubleshooting, and resourcefulness,” Alex explained. He highlighted the relevance of these skills in his current role as a computer operator, where problem-solving and collaboration are key components. “This translates VERY well into this role as a computer operator, where we are helping users solve their IT-related issues,” he emphasized.

Alex Jones’ journey from the Air Force to the IT field exemplifies the successful collaboration between transitioning military personnel, leading tech companies, and Abel Personnel. The story underscores our commitment to not only finding jobs for veterans but ensuring that those opportunities align with their skills, aspirations, and the unique experiences gained during military service. Alex’s success is a testament to the possibilities that unfold when the right skills meet the right opportunities, and Abel Personnel is proud to play a role in facilitating such transformative journeys.

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