The Challenges of Job Searching: Caleb’s Journey from Ghosted to Thriving with Abel Personnel

The Challenges of Job Searching: Caleb’s Journey from Ghosted to Thriving with Abel Personnel

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Ghosted by Job Postings

Unemployment is no fun, regardless of the situation that got you there. First, you have to overcome the shock of why you’re unemployed in the first place. Second, you have to decide what it is you want to do next.

You avidly search for a day or two on job sites until you’re exhausted, and next thing you know, you’ve applied to 10, 20, or in my case about 200 jobs over the course of your unemployment. Perhaps you get one of those generic form letters, you know the ones, “thank you for your interest, but…” The frustration sets in quickly, along with a solid dose of disappointment. It’s not uncommon that you jump on the first job you’re offered – only to find yourself back at step one a few months later. Is this something you can relate to? If so, you aren’t alone, my friend. I’m Caleb and let me tell you a little about my story.

Job-Search Frustrations

Over the course of more than 6 years, I went through the same “twilight zone.” Job searching ranks right up there with buying a new car or getting a root canal. It’s filled with a lot of anxiety, uncertainty, and a solid dose of hassle. When I began my career, I was one of the quickest rising people in my profession.

I had a great situation to start; I had a fantastic mentor and many great resources that others may not have had. The world was my oyster. I even tailored my college experience to match what I was doing and where I wanted to go with it. I had everything I wanted until I experienced burnout, and a change was needed. Once again, I found another great opportunity in another field I excelled in, had great resources and everything I could ask for… until financial issues forced that company to make changes and I was laid off.

Laid Off… Again

No one teaches you what to do in those situations or what to expect. What’s the first step? What resources are available? How long does the hiring process take? I went into the process very blindly, not having a game plan, and eventually applying for anything I was qualified for. Sadly, I didn’t get a single interview for months and rarely even got an email saying I was no longer being considered.

I was stunned! Why was this happening? What could I do differently? I was a young, well-educated person with a lot of experience and a great track record. What was I missing? I eventually took the first job I was offered because, and over the course of the next 5 years, I would go through the same wash, rinse, repeat cycle several more times. It felt like a constant loop of Groundhog Day.

Finding Abel Personnel

After many bouts on the hamster wheel, the tides turned, and I applied for a position that was offered by Abel Personnel. The rest they say, “is history”! As many people experience at first, I didn’t know that the position I applied for was through a staffing agency. For the first time in years of interviewing, this interview was different! I felt as though the recruiter was legitimately interested in helping me find a position that was the right fit, not just screening me with routine questions and sending me out the door.

My initial interview was actually for a different position, but while discussing my experience and qualifications together, she made me aware of an internal position that she thought I’d be a great fit for. For the first time in my job seeking career, someone was truly advocating for me. From there, we pivoted, and I was quickly scheduled for another interview to discuss the other position. She was absolutely right; it was a great fit, and here we are, nearly three months in and thriving.

Recruiters that Advocate for You

If you are seeking your next opportunity, know that Abel Personnel is here to help you find the next career path for you to thrive in. Their recruiters truly want to see you succeed and advocate for you. Many candidates and companies rely on them to advocate for and help them find the best talent to fill roles within their organizations. Check us out and see if your next career move is just a few clicks away!

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