How to Get a Job You’re OverQualified For… On Purpose

How To Get a Job You’re Overqualified For On Purpose!

How To Get a Job You’re Overqualified For On Purpose!

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How to Get a Job You’re OverQualified For… On Purpose

Most people imagine a career trajectory that only goes up, up, and up before you reach the age of retirement; this hustle-culture ideal is beginning to change as work-life balance moves to the top of the priority list for both new and seasoned workers. AARP is now referring to this phenomenon as a search for meaningful employment, largely brought on by extensive burnout people experience, with a majority between the ages of 40-49.

It’s not uncommon for workers who are older, unemployed, overstressed, balancing family commitments, or simply tired of working too hard to seek a lower-level position. The problem is that when you interview for a job, the hiring manager is going to try to determine if you are simply overqualified or are willing to downgrade your career. For many, overqualified resumes never see the top of the hiring manager’s desk. Luckily, recruiters have a way around this with their extensive and direct connections with hiring businesses.

For those seeking greater overall satisfaction, a downgrade just might be the upgrade they’re looking for! In fact, AARP’s study determined that even a job change that brought in lower pay and fewer benefits resulted in lower levels of stress, more flexibility, and the satisfaction workers are looking for. Interviewers are interested in uncovering if you view a lower-level position as a temporary situation or if you are looking to work at this level long-term. They may also want to confirm that you’re aware that the salary will be lower at this level and that the responsibilities will not be as high-level as in previous roles.

Before talking to your Abel recruiter, think about why you want to take on the new job and prepare yourself to answer questions about why you’re looking to make a change. First, make a list of the most appealing activities associated with your target job. Then, think of examples of when you carried out similar tasks and applied similar skills in the past, noting what you enjoyed about these aspects of the job. Don’t be afraid to speak candidly with your Abel recruiter. It’s important to be transparent and honest while explaining your needs for a change; use phrases that define your reasoning, such as saying, “I’m looking for a less intensive role with little-to-no travel required.” This provides context for your Abel Recruiter to showcase your goals and intentions to the hiring manager.

Your recruiter will help prepare you to answer interview questions in a manner that will convince the interviewer that the position is right for you. You need to build your case, and the more reasons you have for wanting a lower-level job, the better your chances are for actually getting hired!

Whatever your supporting reasons might be, the key will be to pair these statements with the main reason that explains your passion for your target position. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in search of a career downgrade for that work-life balance upgrade sooner than you think! Your Abel Personnel recruiter is just one call away to guide you through every part of your career.


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