Maybe It’s Time for Strategic Hiring

Maybe It’s Time for Strategic Hiring

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The software customisation company was thrilled with their newest hire. The company COO chose to call their Abel Personnel recruiter to thank her directly for her efforts in making this key addition possible. The COO characterised this hire as “strategic,” a position that needed the right person to assure the company’s ongoing growth in market share. The COO confided that the process from authorising the search to position acceptance had required about eight months, including the company’s six month effort to identify candidates using web-based services before coming to Abel.

The recruiter, grateful for the praise, confessed that her efforts to locate hard-to-find talent had become easier in the last few months because of three factors:

  • High-Tech Staff Reductions: The announced layoffs, plus anticipation of more workforce reductions coming, increased the number of high talent individuals with highly specialised qualifications into the job market. A number of these she had placed in their jobs several years ago were returning to her as a trusted advocate.
  • Great Resignation Returnees: Those who had left the workforce at the start of the COVID pandemic, either as early retirees or to stay home with children attending virtual classes, have decided that they now really want to work, to go back to an office after three years. In some cases, the government subsidies have run out. For others, their vaccinations have made them less fearful of an office environment.
  • Great Resignation Remorse: There are others who used the pandemic and accompanying high labour demand to switch jobs and even careers. Two to three years later, they find that the switch was not the better opportunity or lifestyle they thought that they wanted. For some, that time period is also what they normally expect to elapse before moving on to advance their careers.

Through this presentation, the COO asked many questions, including specific position inquiries. He then scheduled a video conference with the Abel recruiter and his HR manager two weeks later. By that time, he committed to updating the company’s strategic human resources plan, to present a list of positions with unique background requirements that the company needed to fill in the next year or two to achieve their strategic business plan. The recruiter complimented the COO on his understanding that acquiring high talent was a long game, akin to securing high revenue clients. The time investment, with the right person representing the company, had a higher probability of yielding a better return than a quick hire over the internet.

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