You feel or have been told you do not have the skills to be in office administrative work, such as office clerk, customer service, receptionist. So, you feel stuck in:

  • Retail, food service or warehouse work.
  • Working odd shifts, resulting in no time for family or a social life.
  • Waiting to start a career with growing opportunity.

Chances are that your existing skills and experience are highly transferable to an office environment. You just may need some help to see this and help possible employers visualize how you can make this transition. Staffing agencies like Abel Personnel have knowledgeable recruiters that can help you identify your shining attributes.

Ready for that career transition? First, you need to invest some time in these 5 steps:

  • Evaluate What You Offer: What skills and experience have you developed in your previous jobs that could be relevant to an administrative role? These might include customer service, problem-solving, time-management, and communication. Make a list of your skills and think of examples that will showcase them to potential employers.
  • Research Potential Job Titles and Industries: Conduct an online search of potential job titles and industries that might be a good fit for you. Look for positions that align with your interests and goals, and consider industries where your skills may be in high demand.
  • Update Your Resume and Cover Letter: Make sure these are both up to date and tailored to the administrative roles you’re targeting. Use industry-specific language to describe your skills and experience, and highlight any relevant education or training you have.
  • Network and Seek Out Opportunities: Talk to your friends and family letting them know that you are looking for work in a different environment. Ask them if they know of anyone who you can reach out to in order to get more information about the opportunity.
  • Consider Internships or Volunteer Work: If you need to brush up on your computer and MSOffice program skills (Word, Excel, etc.), consider seeking out internships or volunteer work to gain experience and make connections in the field. These can be a great way to build your skills and demonstrate your commitment to a new career path.

Your recruiter at Abel will help you determine which of your skills to focus on and how to work towards your goal. Give Abel Personnel a call at 717-561-2222 or visit us on the web at

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