My Abel Story By Kailash Mathur

My Abel Story By Kailash Mathur

The road not taken, or in this case taken.   I was a college student and was bartending in my home town on weekends.   I walked into an Abel office and asked if they could find me a local part time job.  They treated me with respect and said yes. Unusual for an employer treating a 19-year-old like that.  I was placed at PHEAA as a temp.  I quickly was asked to join their team and work fulltime while I went to school, which I did.

I climbed my way into management and hired many Abel employees on my teams.  They could always provide me solid candidates for my positions

This road took me to working in and out of Higher Education for the last 30 years.   I have been able to help hundreds of thousands of students find ways to pay for college and succeed after graduation.  I have had the opportunity to work at startups, fintech companies, edtech companies, start my own companies and currently am self employed as a consultant helping companies succeed.  I am also mentoring start-ups and new entrepreneurs.

All of this started from that first assignment as an Abel Temp.  I had switched my major from Pre-Med, to business since I fell in love with financial services and helping people.

Abel gave me the opportunity to grow and use my skills to succeed.   I can still make a good Martini also.