My Abel Story by Tammy Burno

My Abel Story by Tammy Burno

I was in need of employment because the company I worked for nine years downsized.  At the time it was pretty tough because the entire country was going through the same thing.  Many businesses were shutting their doors for good!  This made it more of a challenge because so many others were in my shoes. They were out in the jobs market looking for a job with the same experience and skill set. I was not optimistic at the time.

I found other job, s but they were either short term or seasonal.  I needed something a little more permanent so applying for a job through a staffing agency was the last thing I wanted to do. But something told me to just do it.  I did, and was pleasantly surprised.  When I interviewed with Abel’s Staffing Manager Pat,  I expressed my wishes thinking that I would probably not be taken seriously.  I was pleasantly surprised!

I really did not want to do exactly what I was doing most of my working life which was either face to face customer service or telephone customer service.  I wanted more of a challenge.  I wanted a change while still playing to my strength which is “customer service.”  Luckily, I’m doing that now and can add a new skill set to my resume. I’m will celebrate my 6-year anniversary next month.  No one could have told me that I would be still be here 6 years  ago.

I have gone through a lot of challenges over the last 6 years, and the people around me every day are responsible for helping me get through the really tough times.  I don’t have much family near me so the support from my work family means everything to me.

I would recommend Abel because of the success that I’ve had.  I think that Abel did a great job with my assignment!