My Abel Story by Matthew Krupp

My Abel Story by Matthew Krupp

In the spring of 2002, I interviewed with Abel Personnel for a job in the Loan Asset Management call center at the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.  At that time, there were three employment agencies that staffed the call center, but staff there told me to apply through Abel, because it provided more paid holidays and benefits than the other agencies.  Abel also allowed me to work flexible hours, which enabled me to continue my education at Shippensburg University.

I graduated from Shippensburg in 2004, and continued working for Abel until 2005, when I was hired into a full-time call center position at PHEAA.  The experience gained, and relationships made working as an Abel employee helped prepare me for my transition to a full-time State employee.  My time at Abel also inspired me to further my education, and that fall I began studying at the Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg.  While in law school, I continued working in the call center, until I obtained an internship in the Governor’s Office of General Counsel.

I subsequently passed the bar exam in 2008 and worked as an attorney for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania until 2017, when I left the State and started my own law practice.

For me, Abel was the first step in a long and wonderful career in public service.  When I was in college, I didn’t know what career path I wanted to pursue.Abel gave me my first job in a professional office environment, which also happened to be a State agency. That experience ultimately led to me pursuea law degree and a career in public service.

In 2015, I was fortunate to win a seat on the Harrisburg School Board in 2015, and in 2018, I was elected as the Dauphin County Prothonotary.

I would absolutely recommend Abel to others.  If it wasn’t for my first job through Abel, I’m not sure where I would be.