My Abel Story By Bev Magdule

My Abel Story By Bev Magdule

After completing 20 years in my profession, I took the summer off.  I received a call from Barbara Isaacman, Abel Personnel, asking me to interview for a “temporary 6 week job” that was mostly to handle accounts payable.  After being the controller at my previous employment, I immediately said no.  A month later Barbara called again and said, ” Bev, I really want you to interview for this job. I think when they talk to you, this job could be more than accounts payable.”  Needless to say the 6 week accounts payable job turned into another career position as their controller!  Barbara and I laughed about this for years.

Not only was this job a full-time career position, but it also gave me many personal opportunities and friendships that I would never have had.  With my new knowledge and experience, I was given great opportunities which allowed me to start my own side business. This job was definitely the highlight of my working career in so many ways and none of it would have been possible without Barbara Isaacman and Abel Personnel insisting I follow through with this interview.

I highly recommend Abel Personnel for anyone searching for a job.  I used their services over and over to hire employees for varied positions.  Candidates were always qualified, screened and very professional.  

Happy 50th Anniversary Abel!!

Bev Magdule