My Abel Story By Anonymous

My Abel Story By Anonymous

In 2010, I experienced one of the most difficult obstacles of my life and Abel gave me a chance. I was 23, pregnant and living in a homeless shelter for women and children. I was attending a day program at EDSI; a place where you can do simple tasks to gain experience, learn how to create a resume, etc. I had knowledge in these areas, so I was always on top of everything. One of the employees at EDSI alerted me to a job opening with Abel Personnel. I was hesitant to apply, in light of my pregnancy, but I figured I had nothing to lose, so I applied.

I was contacted by Abel and met with Pat Davis for an interview, after taking the initial computer testing. During my interview, I let Pat know that I was pregnant and due in just a few months. I wanted to be honest about it. Pat called me a few days letter to let me know that one of the supervisors at Abel’s client was interested in having me interview. Pat made sure the supervisor was aware that I was pregnant and would need a few weeks off after having the baby. The supervisor was ok with that and I was offered the position, which I gladly accepted.

Despite having been at Abel and with Abel’s client for less than a year, I was given adequate time off after I had the baby. My position was still waiting for me when I returned back to work.

With three solid years of work history, I was ready to make a change. Pat notified me of a better opportunity, which offered other wonderful benefits.  I interviewed and accepted the position. I have now been there for almost 6 years and have been with Abel for close to 9 years.

Abel has treated me very well and has given me a chance when others may not have. I have always had a reason to believe that Abel truly cares about its employees. Knowing that I work for an employer that cares and appreciates me is just one of the many reasons in why I come in to work each day and enjoy it.

Thank you, Abel, for giving me a chance to succeed and for always believing in me. I have learned a lot throughout these 9 years and I look forward to learning more in the years to come and hope to advance in my career.

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