My Abel Story By Fabiean Hershey

My Abel Story By Fabiean Hershey

Where do I begin?  I remember,  I went to the high school and was told to contact Abel Personnel A+ Teachers. I called Abel Personnel to see about working for the Annville Cleona School District as a substitute aide.  Taking me back 34 years,  when I started working as a sub then became full time for the City of  Jamestown New York School District.  I knew working as a sub was flexible, rewarding and oh yes made a little extra cash.  Substituting is the best job for a mother to make some money and still be there for her children, especially if you work in the same school district. Now I am retired and wanted to help out with kids of all walks of life. So I meant Nancy Gundy and the A+ Team in Harrisburg. Repeating my journey from 26 years ago to my now retirement age a job that works with my schedule.

Nancy Gundy was wonderful to speak with and  learn how many things had changed in the system, plus  how strongly the need is in Pennsylvania for aides.  I’m sorry I can’t remember the woman’s name at the front desk,  but she was so helpful with the computer in doing all the forms and getting registered in the system.

One great outcome of substituting is meeting so many people, making friends with the teachers and staff but most of all seeing how you are appreciated for your help.  Appreciated by both the staff and students.  I really enjoy working with the Life Skills class, seeing how they manage the coffee shop in the high school teaching and advising them on politeness, focusing seeing how they are excepted and respected by fellow students.  I’m sure when the time comes that they are out in the true working force having this training will definitely help them move forward in their lives.

Although I am not an active weekly worker, Abel Personnel is understanding of my needs and still allows me to help when I can.  Vanessa is great with catching  me and everyone on staff are extremely polite and considerate.  I would and have recommended Abel Personnel to other retired friends of mine and even a few younger people.  I plan on continuing to help and can not say enough about Nancy Gundy and her staff.

You are more than welcome to share my story especially if it is worthy.