My Abel Story By Kellie Hutchins

My Abel Story By Kellie Hutchins

During a difficult period in my life I found myself unemployed (December 2017).  After receiving a suggestion from a friend, I was told to see Barb Karr at Abel in Lemoyne.  I had never been to Abel before, and wasn’t from the Harrisburg area, so I had no idea what type of staffing company they were.  I called and set up an appointment immediately.  Immediately upon entering the door I was greeted with smiles and a wonderful staff of ladies.  I completed my testing and sat down with Barb.  Instantly, I knew I was going to like her.  She made me feel welcome and I knew she was going to do whatever she could to help me out.  For the first time in a while I felt like everything was going to be alright.

That very day I received a phone call from Barb.  “I have an interview for you!”  I couldn’t have been happier.  Things were finally starting to fall into place.

I am still employed with Abel to this day.  After 434 days I am still 100% confident that Barb, my recruiter, will and has advocated for me, supported me, guided me and has been there for me no matter what the issue.

I don’t share my life situation and hurdles with many people, but Barb knows it all.  She supports me in my decision both professionally and personally.  No matter what the circumstances I can always count on an honest and compassionate answer from her.

My life has definitely changed for the better since I walked through the doors of Abel.  I went to Abel looking for a job, in the long run I got much more than that.  I have a friend.

I would absolutely recommend Abel to anyone who is in the market for a job!