My Abel Story By Nicole Graby-Cole

My Abel Story By Nicole Graby-Cole

My journey with Abel began in early March of 2017. The interviewing processing was a good and interesting one as I also had to go through the assessment for job placement. I was treated very fairly.

Hakim and Pat really went to bat for me. They both made a lasting impression in my mind; they were very courteous and professional beyond my initial expectations, as I had never worked with a temp agency before.

My experience with Abel was short-term, and a long-term relationship with the company I was placed with, as I was hired on full-time with advancement at my assignment.

I will forever be grateful to Abel. Without them, and their encouragement, I would not be starting out on my new career path. I still get to see Pat and Hakim, and they always bring a smile to my face. 

I would recommend Abel to others as they are a fair judge of character, helped me become a gainful employee, and continued to work with me throughout my hardships. Abel has had a huge and lasting impact on my life.