What About The Next Pandemic 1

What About The Next Pandemic?

What About The Next Pandemic?

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What About The Next Pandemic 1

What About The Next Pandemic?


Maya: How long have you been back in the office? About a month?Abel: Just about. Since Labor Day. How about you?

Maya: Yeah, we had to be back Labor Day Week. I’m feeling pretty comfortable. Still not sure who’s vaccinated or boosted, so doing a lot of first bumps rather than handshakes.

Recruiter: I know what you mean. At some of those all-staff gatherings, a quarter of us still wears masks. Still, it’s good to be back. I enjoy having more access to my boss beyond those awkward weekly check-in calls.

Maya: Well, my company didn’t give us much choice about coming back. I’ve started watching those stories about the rise in flu cases and increased COVID in Europe. It’s unclear if the management team will want to repeat sending most staff to work from home if there is a pandemic flare-up here.

Recruiter: I am concerned about that too. I was pleased to learn that our updated employee manual includes an option to work from home when we are not well or worried about exposure in the office. I need to share a written plan with our boss explaining how I will continue to meet my responsibilities while working from home for short or extended periods.

Maya: Sounds pretty enlightened. Yours is likely not the only firm doing that. Maybe it’s time for me to find a workplace more like yours!

Recruiter: I think it’s a matter of corporate culture. It’s not the kind of thing you’ll find on an internet job posting or a company review site like Glassdoor. When I jumped to this company last year, during the pandemic, company culture was more important to me than salary. Fortunately, my recruiter at Abel Personnel had insights into the company culture. I don’t know how else I’d have found out.

Maya: So I need to ask about corporate culture and salary, benefits, and advancement opportunities. Got it. Abel Personnel? Who should I contact there?

Recruiter: I worked with Marion. She was terrific! You can reach her at 717-561-2222 or through their website abelpersonnel.com

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