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Would You Hire You?

Would You Hire You?

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would you hire you


Through your resume, interview, and follow-up, you need to tell a consistent story about yourself that results in a job offer.
How can you help the prospective employer reach the right answer to the following questions?

How can this person’s work history increase my company’s capabilities and potential?

  • How does your work history relate to the position you want?
  • What were your accomplishment that this company may want you to repeat for them?
  • What special skills do you have or do you need to acquire?

How well will this person present to our clients and others, even if that’s not a regular part of the job?

  • Are you consistently well dressed and well groomed that you always appear to be professional?
  • Are you comfortable with handling the technology and limitations of video conferencing?
  • Are your resume, cover letter and emails polished enough that your prospective employer would be comfortable having you interact directly with those outside the company?

Will this person be assertive, proactive, a team player, and show initiative

  • Does your resume identify accomplishments that required those soft skills?
  • Do you have stories ready to relate as an example of how you employed those skills?

Will this person be dependable in the attendance, work hour, and doing what they said they were going to do?

  • Who would you recommend the prospective employer contact for a reference to your having these qualities?
  • Is there anything in your work history you’ll need to explain that may suggest you don’t have those good attributes?

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