Veterans, How May We Be of Service?

Veterans, How May We Be of Service?

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Veterans Day offers an opportunity to recognize and thank our country’s past and present members of our military. Recognition includes parades, retail discounts, and restaurant freebies (for a list of these, see the link at the bottom of this article), plus “thank you for your service” responses, all to show appreciation for the heroes of our country.

Abel Personnel assists job-seekingveterans and active members who are transitioning out of the military into the civilian work environment, as well as spouses of active military.

Job searching has changed dramatically over recent years with the development and refinement of AI technology and applicant tracking systems (ATAs). The result: 97% of resumes do not reach human eyes. Having a positive mindset is crucial for any job seeker, and knowing how to apply for jobs in the current business environment is key to having your resume seen and then receiving a call for a face-to-face meeting.

You may be asking,

  • How do I identify the skills I have learned in the military as transferable skills in the civilian world?
  • What do I have to offer a company when there isn’t a direct correlation between role titles?

Values such as responsiveness, integrity, communication, accountability, leadership, trust, and ownership are the military cornerstones that align with what many companies are seeking in employees today.

Where should you start? Talk with a staffing recruiter. A knowledgeable recruiter can provide you with insights into which questions to ask yourself to determine the types of roles that would not only be a good fit for your experience but more importantly, for what you enjoy doing.

An Abel Personnel recruiter can assist you with resume writing and the types of resume formats that will best highlight those transferable skills, that utilize the keywords that will get your resume noticed and result in interviews. Our recruiters also work very closely with our client partners, knowing the types of roles they fill; we put your resume into the hands of Human Resources or the hiring managers directly. You are not one of the 97% that a computer program rejects.

All our services to you are free – not just on Veterans Day. We also do the same for military spouses. So, if you are struggling and need some job search assistance, or want to improve your chances of finding a great job fit, reach out to an Abel Personnel recruiter today! And, thank you for your service!

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