Who’s behind the interview mask?

Who’s behind the interview mask?

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Halloween, the time of year when we celebrate the art of disguise, when we don masks to become someone or something else entirely. But in the world of staffing and recruitment, the masks we wear are not made of latex or plastic; they’re woven from the details on our resumes and the impressions we give in interviews.

The Abel Personnel Recruiter sat with her new client to discuss her staffing frustrations, especially where it related to feeling like her candidates were wearing a mask. The hiring manager had recently made a few hires, where the person who came to work seemed to have a completely different work ethic and skill set than the person she interviewed. She wondered how she could find great candidates among the skeletons, werewolves, and witches (oh my!).
Nodding sympathetically, the recruiter assured the hiring manager that she understood her concerns and had a comprehensive process in place to uncover the true potential of candidates, “With a thorough screening and assessment process, we pride ourselves in our ability to unmask the hidden talents that job seekers bring to the table.”

Multiple Screening Stages:

  • Thoroughly reviewing the resume; comprehending not just the roles and duties held, but also identifying any disconnects from one position to the next.
  • Phone screening to identify the employment parameters and goals of the applicant as well as what drew them to the position they applied to.
  • Matching the candidate to a well-seasoned recruiter within the niche of the role best matches the goals of the candidate and their skill set.
  • Conducting extensive interviews with the candidate, exploring and re-exploring the strengths and anything that may be vague or a mixed message throughout the candidates’ responses, keeping in mind the needs and culture of the client’s organization and culture.
  • Administering Skills assessments to identify and verify the candidate’s areas of strength with software, computer skills, or reading comprehension( and much more based on the needs of the roles).

Assessment Results: Abel Recruiters evaluate candidates on a 20+ point rating criteria, compiling all of the assessments/screening stages, as well as the top soft skills companies, look for (all housed in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as a reference for the recruiting team).

Industry Contacts: Being in the recruiting business for over 50 years, Abel Personnel works with many companies and has placed many people who might know the candidate but aren’t listed as a reference. We utilize our network to gain additional insights into the candidate’s performance and work personality.

Checking References: This may involve reaching out to the potential hiring company’s competitors who might not be as candid if the hiring company called.

Background Checks and Drug Tests: These occur for specific positions with procedures and contracts already in place.

Social Media Search: Review what candidates post on various social media platforms, and LinkedIn profiles.

“We understand that the job market can be a maze of masks, where appearances can be deceiving,” the recruiter joked, “but in our business, it’s always Halloween.” With a playful wink and a Halloween-inspired spirit, they shared the commitment to “unmasking” candidates, delving beyond the masks.

Through thorough assessments and an extensive network of industry contacts, Abel Personnel ensures candidates are a genuine “treat” for the positions they seek. As they continued their conversation in the coffee shop, the manager felt a renewed sense of hope that, with Abel Personnel’s help, the right candidates would be unveiled and unmasked for their true capabilities she’s looking for.

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