My Abel Story By Liz Anthony

My Abel Story By Liz Anthony

I applied for a position through Abel. When I was contacted to come in for an interview, Barbara Karr recommended that I consider a different position. She said it would be a better fit and offered more compensation than the position I applied for. I met Megan when I entered the office and interviewed with Barb. The entire experience was relaxed.

I was going through a tough time during that part of my life. I was trying to pick up the pieces and no other employer or agency was providing any help. Barb and Megan helped me understand what I needed to do, and I did not feel judged at all. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity Abel gave me to re-establish my career path.

The immediate outcome was that my self-worth was restored. The short-term outcome was that I had a way to provide for myself and gain independence. The long-term outcome so far is that I was able to prove to myself and Abel that I am a valuable employee and a benefit to any team I’m on.

It made a difference by providing me a way to improve my life. I have a place to go Monday through Friday and do good work with people I enjoy being around. This is the first time I’ve felt I am doing something that will benefit others by sitting behind a desk all day.

I have recommended Abel to someone and would again. I would recommend Abel because of all the good reasons I experienced. I wasn’t judged, I have received praise and promotions within a year of being on the job. Abel is woman owned, which I fully support.