Your first job was perhaps through the school’s placement office. The next jobs maybe came through networking or online. Now it’s time to be serious about finding a career-advancing job; use professional resources rather than do-it-yourself. In order to find the right position, a staffing agency is your professional resource. Six things you need to know first:

1 High Reward: A staffing recruiter is only paid if the placement is made. Repeat business from hiring companies is only earned by placing candidates like you that meet or exceed expectations. The recruiter is highly motivated to place you at the right company that is the right fit for you at the optimum pay.
2 Low Risk: There is no cost to you if you are placed or not placed. You do not need to accept the hiring company interviews offered. Initial inquiries on your behalf can be anonymous. No one you don’t want to know will ever know you are looking for a new job.
3 Deep Local Industry Knowledge: The recruiter knows almost all the local companies that have positions for which you might qualify, who is hiring and who is not, where you’d be a good fit, where the corporate culture might not be right for you, who has great benefits, who can provide career paths, and what those positions should typically be paying. That’s a lot of inside information!
4 Access to Unpublicized Jobs: These positions are not being advertised, are not on recruiting websites, and sometimes not even on the hiring company’s own website “careers” tab. The company is conducting a confidential search, has sought a professional recruiter, and does not want to go through an inbox full of resumes.
5 Direct Access to Hiring Managers: The recruiter is in direct contact with both the human resources gatekeeper and the hiring manager. Your resume will not be set aside by a program algorithm looking for keywords; it will go directly to the person you need to meet that will decide who to hire.
6 You have a Coach and an Advocate: Your recruiter will suggest changes to your resume, give you a background on companies that you won’t find on their website, prepare you for your interview, and help you find the right way to handle tough interview questions. After the interview, they will be reminding the hiring manager of all the reasons you should receive an offer and help you negotiate a compensation package.

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