Sherry’s Story: Making the Call to Escape a Tedious Job

Sherry’s Story: Making the Call to Escape a Tedious Job

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My name is Sherry, and I wanted to share my story of working with Abel Personnel. This is not at all to brag about my success but to possibly help other middle-aged job seekers and professionals overcome career obstacles that are very real for us.

Last year I was at a stagnant place in my life and career. I continued to go to a job where I no longer felt valued. I had been doing the same tasks for years with little challenge and little room to grow, and I didn’t feel appreciated for my work. My husband and I had become empty nesters, and maybe because of the pandemic too, I was at a very low place in my life, both personally and professionally. With the advice of loved ones, I began applying to jobs, trying to get noticed in the professional space. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months, and I continued applying with no luck. My lack of progress left me defeated, feeling little hope for success. By this time just about everyone in my inner circle knew how I was feeling and suggested professional help in my job search. I made a call that changed everything.

As I sat nervously listening to the ring, I was greeted by a kind, understanding voice. “Thank you for calling Abel Personnel, Danene speaking. How can I help you?” Feeling a little embarrassed, I reluctantly shared my story and struggles in searching for a new job. I was assured I had nothing to be embarrassed about, which let me know I likely wasn’t the only desperate job seeker she would speak to that day. My call was immediately transferred to a recruiter. I think I can say her name, as Melissa now wears many hats in my life—recruiter, career coach, mentor, and friend. Throughout our extensive conversations, she helped revise and update my resume, created a career plan, and provided a path to opportunity. Most importantly, this relationship restored my confidence in my professional abilities and worth.

Within about a week of working with Abel Personnel, Melissa and I were preparing for my first interview in years! I strutted into my interview: I was confident, motivated, and finally prepared for the “new” I desperately sought. A few weeks later, Melissa called and said, “You got the job!” I’m not sure if she was more excited for me than I was for myself, but I had been waiting to hear those four words for what felt like an eternity.

Months have since passed, and I recently earned a promotion! I smile every day with a pep in my step, I bring value to my role and employer, and I love what I do and finally feel appreciated. I hope my candidness can help someone in a similar situation to muster up the nerve to reach out and make the call I did. Trust me—that “Thank you for calling Abel Personnel” will be the change you are looking for.

Your Friend Sherry

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